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    Which is better - desktop or laptop?

    Do you think a Desktop is more advantageous to use than a laptop or vice-versa? Share your experiences of using both computing devices.

    Recently we had a discussion in our family function that whether the laptop is better or desktop is better. I think the desktop is better because it has its own advantages which we cannot get in a laptop like a screen appearance, I even find the keyboard in the desktop is better than the laptop, I mean it's more convenient for typing. So the major part of the system is all about screen and Keyboard where I find desktop is better than a laptop. Even laptop is convenient while travelling or for occasional use but for regular use, I think the desktop is better.

    What are ISC members' views on this? Just thought I would discuss in the forum also with ISC members. Please give your valuable reviews on this.
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    I am comfortable with my desktop and also with any laptop. While at my home in Tamilnadu, I use my desktop, and while at my home in Bangalore, I use my daughter's laptop. Of course, typing is very easy with my desktop keyboard. During the journey, I use my mobile with Opera Mini.
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    I am using desktop for last seventeen years, Hence due to sheer habit and familiarity, I find desktop convenient and comfortable. My son uses laptop and he is comfortable with that. Although I had tried at Tablet, I could not adjust properly to it.
    As I do not use of many apps or software, desktop suffices my needs as of now.

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    For easy working desktop may be the best . You will have a seperate key board which is very convenient for typing. But as we will be always moving we may have to get accustomed using a laptop. Once you get acquainted with your laptop there will not be any problem. But multiple users for a single laptop is not good. A separate laptop Goa person is good. But if multiple users desktop is the best. When you are on journey iPod is the best.
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    I'm siding with laptop.
    It's portable. Just charge it enough and work endlessly on it. Even the keyboard and mousepad are of better compatibility. They're sensitive to touch.
    Then, camera. You don't need an additional webcam, you can directly log into video conference.
    Next, Wi-Fi. Computer works on WiFi only with additional hardware such as adaptors.
    But you can perform connectivity very well in laptops.
    They're light weight. Recent ones are water proof.
    No installation costs because no networking and wiring needed.
    There are just too many advantages.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: You have stated "Just charge it enough and work endlessly on it". For argument's sake, is it possible to charge it (a laptop) enough and work endlessly?

    Coming to the main thread is concerned, I am comfortable with my office PC and with my personal laptop. I can't work comfortably with others' PC or laptop.

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    Since we have now been in a habit of using laptops, I would say the laptop is much better and reliable in every possible situation. You can take it anywhere, wireless stuff so more helpful. I don't think it has not the proper screen. The screen is perfect and also the keyboard keys are easy to use. I have always found using the laptop the best and at peace. I never had a habit of using a desktop, so not at all familiar with it.
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    For me I am more comfortable with desktop for many reasons and I wont like laptop due to incompetence in me to work on small gadget and I am totally averse to cell phone operating or doing texting through it which wont get the perfection. Why desktop because, I have the habit of hard pressing the keys and my key board is harder than other key boards. If the same practice is done on the laptop, so many letters would appear and thus it would be cumbersome to delete every time the mistakes appear. And in mobile too I have to operate with two hands on the key board to which I am not familiar. On the desktop the screen is big, we have the options to have other gadgets connected to the computer. even I can listen to the music and do the work and above all the comfort and satisfaction which I get on sharing through desktop is unmatchable.
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    This would perhaps be an unfair comparison. To me, comparing a desktop and a laptop for it's inherent features has little value.

    The choice and relevance of it depends on the user and the circumstances. I'm using a desktop to reply this thread as I'm at the office. If I were to be travelling or in transit having some time, I would've used a laptop or a tab. In other words, even the best quality desktop would be irrelevant in comparison to an economy model laptop for a person who is frequently on the move and for a senior citizen an 'elderly desktop with tapping old fashioned keyboard would be more appealing that a small compact laptop.

    Some people try to find a lot a features before buying a desktop or laptop. What would be more practical and useful would be to check the users at home, need for a unit on the move, potential use for a infrequent but important task of presentation or part-time work, such things matter more rather than the appearance or the easy of keyboard etc.

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    It depends on how comfortable you are. When it comes to the keyboard, I find desktop much better. But the laptop is even better as it is portable. Once you are used to the keypad of a laptop, then you will find it convenient too. We can't carry a desktop everywhere, it is good if we are at home.
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    Of course....But in my point of view laptop is the best one.. Because we can carry where ever we want... And desktop works only when there is power supply ...but coming to laptop in the absence of power also we can use... Because it is rechargeable.. But desktop is not... And we have to arrange a place specially for desktop but in case of lap there is no need.
    #coming to keyboard lap is also the best one.. Because now a days wireless keyboards are also available which give is the same performance like desktop keyboard.. We also have touch screen laptops and laptops are more sufficient to carry... No need of more external case of desktop we have to arrange a table for desktop and connections should be done exactly for desktop and system... And many connections... But in lap no need of all these everything is inbuilt... And makes our work easier...

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    I think the liking of desktop and laptop is 50 50 by the members. I liked the way members expressed their way. Thank you so much

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