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    What is the role and responsibility of 'councilor' in politician?

    What councilor can do? Are they handle the particular city or specified area? What is the salary of councilor? Who can apply for councilor and how? Is there any knowledge required to become councilor?
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    Indian democracy has three types of political set up. One is the MP which consists of at least 8 Assembly constituencies of a state, second is the MLA which consists of at least 8 wards or division of the Municipalities and third position is the Councillor who represents group of streets and colonies of a division or ward. The salaries of MP and MLA are considerably high but the salary of councillor is low. However they get the share of MP LAD fund for the development of their wards and division which is the plus point and every work done in the ward has the involvement of councillor and thus he is hugely benefited.
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    This is ideal question for Ask the experts sections. Request the Editors to look into it.

    Imagine yourself in the locality you live in and the Government. There are numerous people in between who act like two way channels from benefits and improvements to reach you from the top downwards and from suggestions and complaints to reach the appropriate people from you upwards. Here the lower most government representative next to you is the councillor.

    A good councillor can change the lives of common people like you and me. Right from drinking water, roads, footpaths, parks, street lighting, stray dog control etc can be facilitated by the councillor via the municipal corporations to us. A responsible councillor has the pulse of the community, it's evils, problems and the means to improve it. The Municipal Councillor Local Area Development Fund (MC LAD fund) is the primary source of finance for all these activities.

    By law, most councillors are given a honorarium for their services that is around 10,000-15,000. But there are many reports that alleges the salary to run into many thousands because of the power control projects at the locality level and the amount of money they handle.

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    Mr. Natarajan: I humbly beg to differ. I feel the issue is required to be discussed in detail. Many of us don't know the exact function of a municipal counselor or panchayat member in the three-tier legislative system. So, let us discuss the issue in details in the Forum section.
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    As far as I know, a councillor is a representative of a ward in the governance of the panchayat or municipality or corporation. Each city is divided into some wards. Each ward will have a councillor. He is like an MLA in the assembly, an MP in the Parliament, a councillor in the Municipal corporation or Municipality or Panchayat. They will be taking care of the issues that their area is having in the meetings and see that these problems will be resolved.As far as salary is considered I don't have any idea. In villages, if there are any disputes among people these people may be trying solve them and try to keep harmony among the people. They are very useful in getting our name enlisted in voters list and other small activities like ration cards etc. These councillors only will select the mayor. They will be taking care of problems pertaining to their area.
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    Municipal Councillors, along with Gram Panchayat Members, are at the lowest rung of the three-tier democratic system in India. Councillors work in cities or towns whereas Panchayat Members work in villages. The power of the Municipalities/Corporations and that of the individual Members, i.e., the power of Councillors are derived from the 74th Amendement of the Constitution in 1992.

    Broadly speaking, the Municipal Councillors are considered the representatives of people at grassroots level. They are supposed to work towards the welfare and interests of the Municipality they are representing. It can be assumed that a Councillor is responsible for taking care of civic issues such as roads, infrastructure, town planning, waste management, etc. The Councillors are vested with functions pertaining to education, public health, welfare, public safety and developmental work. In addition, the Municipal Councillors are expected to drive development programmes and promote cultural and aesthetic aspects of their respective Municipal Wards.

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