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    Bullock cart can drive alone without owner and wading through traffic without damaging the cart ?

    Today I met a farmer from Krishna District who used to live in Lanka or Islands inside the Godavari catchment areas. He said that his bullocks were trained to drive without him and also swim along the river and go the Lanka area and return back during which the owner would have nice sleep. That was really amazing. Bullocks wont make any accident, nor hurt themselves or go out of way. They do reach the distance of 16 to 20 kilometres without the guidance of the owner thus proved to be great animals. They truly deserve our applause.
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    It is training and habit. Many domesticated animal have such quality. In early days when the farmers have to take their goods to the nearby town market, they go by their own bullock carts and start by early night. The farmers(cart drivers) doze off after sometime. But the bullocks will go on and stop in font of the usual shop where the driver takes tea and allow them rest. Again after resuming they will stop only at the market which will be by early dawn.

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    I have also seen such bullock carts in our native place near Rajahmundry. The driver will be sleeping in the cart. The Bullock will slowly go on their.way to their house.The route is very familiar to the bullocks so they do not require any guidance. They walk by the side of the road only very slowly and cautiously. They will be very observant and will not come on to the road any time. Mainly in the nights also this will happen. They will be returning from the markers after completing their sales and comeback with empty cart. The farmers will be very much tired. So they will sleep. In the cart . The Bullocks will drive them home.
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    I've seen this in the villages in Tamilnadu where the bullocks has bells around the neck, the bullockcart will have farm produce or bags loaded with a kerosene lamp hanging below between the wheels. I have taken rides in these after coming back to a smaller village or after a weekly village fair and tent movie theatres. The rhythmic jingling of the bells, the steady pace is very soothing and we can easily go to sleep. What Venkiteswaran sir says is correct, the bullocks will stop and the regular places for the farmer to wake up, give it a little hay while he has come coffee or tea. I think this is the way they are trained from the beginning by the farmers family. In fact, if the bullock has stopped, then there is something wrong, in olden days this would mean a predator or strangers on the road. As a child, I've seen some places near the village square where some water will be kept, the bullocks and cows will find their way, have a drink and move on.

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