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    If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud

    The above mention title was a incomplete quote of what Bhagat Singh has said. The complete quote is here - "If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud. When we dropped the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody. We have bombed the British Government. The British must quit India and make her free."

    India has got freedom but still we face the same kind of situations in our life. In our work place, in our organization, in our society. Where you want to say something but you are not allowed to, even if you have genuine issue. You want to indicate something very serious but the person may not look into it because the problem you face is small for him/her and neither he get affected from it. In such situations there are only 2 option left for anyone 1) You need to wake him/her up doing some unusual thing which may be just opposite of your nature. 2) Become blind and leave the situation as it is.

    However, like how one need to use dynamite to shake a mountain, one need to wake up a giant doing something different. Yes, while doing so, one may get a bad name but people like you who gets badly affected unknowingly will get benefit out of it. Like how Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar dutta did for the Indians.
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    A very nice thread. People pay deaf ears to things until it concerns them. The only way to persuade them to align with you is- showing that it concerns them.
    For an instance, we hardly wondered about global warming in India until Delhi was choked with smog this year.
    It brought us to realisation and suddenly pollution control became crucial.

    The deaf have now heard. The deaf should act now.

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    I think we the people of India only, have the moral right and pride to tell others that to get our things heard and accepted, bomb or knife is not necessary. Mahatmaji has shown us that passive resistance, non-violent perseverance and self torture or Satyagraha methods will melt even a solid rock. If we are sure that our goal is right, legitimate and benign to all, then we can patiently persevere for any length of time and ll the world will take notice and ultimately we will achieve our goal.

    Indira Gandhi has said;Don't shed blood. shed hatred'. Hatred, enmity and war can only beget further hatred, further enmity and further war.
    As exhorted by our texts, as showed by Gandhiji, I believe that not only the goal but means also should be right.

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    I think too that we people of India only have the moral right and pride to show himself/herself worth over others no matter even for that he/she has to pull someone purposely down.

    If we have Mahatma Gandhi, we too have Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh. All of three have one Goal to make free India. Gandhiji have different ideology and Netaji and Bhagat Singh have different. If all the forces and support of many unknown people had not come together, we will have to debate if only because of Satyagrah and non-violance of Gandhiji, we have got the freedom.

    The situation and context changes accordingly. If Gandhi ji done Satyagrah, then it was the same Gandhiji who gave slogan- "Do-or- Die". It also has to be debated whether the solgan "Do-or-die" is "non-violence" ? In this context it clearly mean that you have to do the work no matter if you die. And during those situation, if anyone had died, it was just after shedding his/her blood.

    It was Netaji who had slogan - Give me your blood, I will give you freedom". I hope one should not try to prove "Netaji" wrong just based on his slogan, one will surely look like school kid if he does that.

    Sometime showing over experience and showing the mountain of knowledge confuses. I don't know from where the "hatred" words came in this thread and on what context it is said, I wish if the author Venkiteswaran, the most knowledgeable person on ISC, could put on light. However, why one will hate you in first place? Unless, you try to harm other or try to insult others, So far I have not seen anyone hate just randomly.

    Yes, Indira Gandhi said " don't shed blood, shed hatred" but it was the same Indira Gandhi who shed Indians blood to safeguard Bangladesh.

    So, the context changes and so the meaning.

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    An utterly wrong message posted by the author. We need not use louder noise to wake up the deaf. A simple touch is good enough to do the magic. Gandhiji did not believe in bomb blast to drive away the British. He adopted a silent move to drive out the British to their home land.
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    SuN, No surprised only you can create such message. Tomorrow, you can say that entire Indian history was wrong. well done.

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    Reacting to the title, I wont agree with the author that if the deaf want to hear one has to speak loud. But i am of the opinion that those who are deaf they watch our lip moment and able to gauge what we are talking with them. For example my mother was deaf. When others used to speak to her loudly, I was conveying with her my low voice and action which she could understand and respond. So one need not shout at those who are deaf. In fact they feel offended when we shout at them as they should not treated as deaf in their own way and thus they would have dual with us.
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    This title on deaf and hearing has been wrongly taking in the real sense by few. It's just a phrase which means that we should be persistent and do something more radical to get noticed so that our problems are listened to and for us be taken seriously.

    For instance, few countries sponsor terrorism and the world's plea fell to deaf ears but when the same terrorism affects their own backyard people are awakened.The same applies for a riot filled bandh call for water dispute etc, when daily life is affected, properties damaged, people tend to sit up and take notice.

    But sadly, this approach has a negative connotation with a destructive component within it which is frowned upon by peace lovingly people. The difficulty is to decide how aggressive we can be and how acceptable is the collateral damage ( physical and emotional) caused by this approach.

    This modern day robin hood kind of approach is needed for potential impending disasters affecting the common man, Like terrorism, unpatriotic acts but the same cannot be applied to simple inter-personal issues.

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    Natarajan, astonishing reply. Great to see such open response.

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    Thanks Mr.Jeets, this is what I love @ ISC, we all can express our views, interact and enrich our knowledge at the same time amicably as friends. We can also modify our approach to an issue based on the all the replies, some of the replies for threads in forum we get are not purely based on history or facts alone, it also includes life's experience which is the best teacher.

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    It is very difficult to make hear someone who is acting deaf. There are people who don't bother about other's feelings and problems and always think in their way only. They are not really deaf but they will give you a deaf ear as they are not interested in that particular problem. This is happening and will also happen many times in our day to day life. If a lady is travelling in a bus, she has a privilege to sit in the seats reserved for her. But some people occupy those seats and pay a deaf ear to the lady who is standing and asking him to vacate. This is a small example only.We can give many examples like this. The people will understand the pain only when they experience it. A real deaf man can hear if you shout or by observing your lip moments. But a person who is not interested in taking care of your problems can't be made to listen to your problems.
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    Natarajan, I totally agreed with you. Also, I would like to say (which is my personal experience) that, I have been here more than 5 years and seen some very good member who having vast knowledge, some are still active. But you are totally different and purely unbiased reply whenever you spoke. I followed your most of the response and the way you say straight message in simple way is amazing. I have no hesitation to say that if you continuously achieve the same level, you will be on top of the member list.
    All the best and good luck.

    Dr. Rao, truly said, you can wake up a person who is genuinely in sleep but hard to wake up the person who pretend to sleep. I agree with you and so the Editors and this is why you have rewarded with CC.

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