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    A bad job with a Good Boss or a Good Job with a bad boss?

    Which among the above two would you prefer?

    It's a blessing to have a good job and a good boss but what if you had to choose just one of the above, which one would you go for and stay put?

    If I was left with only two of the above choices I would go for a bad job with good Boss, because if the job is good and the boss is bad, your life becomes tough. There are many things to be considered along with the job.
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    We never join a job knowing or enquiring who is going to be our boss.We cannot select our boss or subordinate. It is beyond our control. But we can select our job. So we can apply our choice and get a good jobOnce selected we should not get rid of that for the silly reason that boss is bad.
    Boss won't be permanent. But job is/has to be permanent or stable for our normal living.We have to see which will impact our life more and take a decision.

    My attitude to my job or life did not change with change of boss.

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    My view is little bit different. I think a 'good job' depends upon various factors which make it a good job. One of these factors is a good boss. If the boss is not good, then it would be very difficult to categorize a job as 'good job'. So, it is not possible to differentiate between good job and good boss.
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    A bad boss makes a job also bad job. I agree with Partha. It is not possible to have a good job with a bad boss. When you are selecting a job and you want to join there. At that time you don't know anything about your boss. You will select the job if the profile of the job matches your aim and if you feel you will fit in the post you will opt for. But till you join and work for sometime only you will not have any idea about the boss.At that moment you try to start fo4= searching another job we don't know how will be the new boss. It is always a vicious circle
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    I agree with you Neethu, it is hard to perform a good job with a bad boss. Because it is not only what we work, that work is being appreciated or not, that also matters. Getting burdened with work is also not the right way to work. If the boss is bad, he would never be fair enough and will make the employee completely frustrated. That will just not help the employee to work and will create disturbance in mind. Even if the work is good and enjoyable, the boss with his words will make it low and spoil the day. It's better to do a bad job or a job which is not of much interest with a nice boss.
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    Good and bad are terms used very lightly. A good person to you is a bad person to another.
    And a job too cannot be good or bad.
    Work is worship.
    No doubt most would pick bad job with a good boss. But is good boss the best boss? If he's so good then why is the job so painful?
    I wouldn't work under such incompetent polite boss. I'll rather challenge myself with a sharp,cold and bad boss for a good job..
    A survey showed that performance of individuals increased by 80% under a hard boss. It is only natural.
    We perform better under a bitter supervision.
    And you can always quit a job. Because you did a good job, other good jobs will be waiting for you.
    A bad boss is bad because of his reason.
    I'll try to reform his behaviour.

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    I think a person who has not much of a choice will surely opt for a good job which can give him satisfaction and security. A boss is, after all, a human being and may behave differently in different situations. And, as Venkiteswaran sir has said, he is not there permanently. So, if we weigh between the two, I am of the opinion that one should opt for a good job. It won't be out of context to mention in this connection that even bad subordinates can make your life in any organization terrible. It is also a matter of fact that the nature of our job keeps changing as we move ahead in years and we may not be able to maintain the same interest that we had at the beginning but we can at least be happy that we had opted for a job of our choice.

    All jobs are good and all bosses are good; it is just a matter of how we approach and deal with issues in front of us.

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    Bosses, in some situations are permanent. I mean not everyone works in corporate office where you have your superior who hold the "Boss" tag. There are many such field where you have to work with either proprietors or Directors who are the one call Boss and who are the real owner of their company. So, if one need to work in such situation, one have to decide whether he/she wants a good job or bad job. Personally, I will go for the good job even if the boss is bad because if you know your work and do it properly, I am sure any Boss will look into it and appreciate.

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    If it is a Government job, we need not to think about good job or bad job, good boss or bad boss. The work will go on and we will be paid. If it is a private organisation, we need to worry about the job and the boss. In private organisations, the boss remains permanently, and in government organisations, the boss changes and transferred.
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    According to me there is good or bad job but everything is according to one's mind and attitude. Of course there are persons in the position of boss but not all bosses like this. Nowadays shifting from one to another job is becoming common. If one is not having good boss, he or she should try for shifting, provided we should be pucca from our side. Mere criticing or commenting about the boss and job leads to mental chaos.

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    Nice thoughtful thread, to me, both are inter-related and it is difficult to have a unbiased opinion. Our jobs are something that reflect more than a means to earn a living. It's our passion, our efforts and struggles undertaken to reach that position and we should enjoy the work we do. We spend around half of our day's quota at work and there is no point in having a bad job and continuing it. Jobs also define our overall well being including financial stability.
    On the other hand, based on our perception and interaction, our bosses could make hell feel like heaven or heaven feel like hell. Our interaction with the boss depends on the rapport we have and the trust in that relationship. I personally feel most bosses are good except the few odd ones. Their official title makes them to wear a different managerial cloak around them to ensure we are productive. So, for me the job means more than the boss.

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