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    Need of Meditaion already told by a great Tamil Poet

    Many people think that the mediation and spiritual matters only meant for human after the certain limit. But is a common one to all human at all age levels as told by many spiritual leaders but is a wonderful one to know that a famous Tamil Poet Subramanya Bharathiar told as follows:

    A man though he forgets to eat his food but should never forget to meditate in a lonely place.

    During meditation, only good thoughts enter into his mind and bad thoughts get vanished.

    The power of meditation cannot be presumed as simple and it will change our mind as we please.

    Meditation practice uses to clear all our mental worries as a fire to a bush.
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    Meditation is nothing but concentration without any external or internal disturbance. Meditation makes us to feel free for a while, but not permanently. Meditation is to get a temporary relief. To get a permanent relief from worries, one has to think about themselves and correct themselves. Meditation won't help. This is what I feel about meditation.
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    Nice thread about Meditation which is a easy technique within our reach to tame our wild minds and thoughts that run in different directions. If properly followed, it channels our positive energy towards a particular task, improves our focus, keeps at bay the negative thoughts. All this improves our outlook to life and the problems we face like stress,anxiety,anger,depression etc. Many people who go to temple feel better after coming back because they have been in a place that is filled with positive energy and positive vibes. Likewise meditation practised regularly can make us feel better, more calm and efficient. Meditation is used as an alternative treatment option for psychological issues and many corporate houses also have meditation programs as part of employee wellness plans.

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    Good remembrance through this post as we often forget the great teachings of poets and their saying and we give credence to western proverbs and culture. Surely PM Modi would use this when the International Yoga day comes next year.
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    Meditation is a tool to concentrate and focus our thoughts. It is a training for us to learn to concentrate. Once we do meditation for some time we feel we relieved from some pain and mental tension and thoughts. It creates positivity n our mind. If you practice this meditation regularly you will get peace of mind. Your thinking capacity will increase. You can easily concentrate on the subject you want. It gives a lot of positive energy for all. So any human being irrespective of his age can do this meditation daily better in the morning which will definitely show progress in many ways in our thinking process. I even feel that meditation can be practised by self without asking for any training. Only in the initial stages, it appears a little difficult to practice this but as you move on it will be easily done.
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