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    Can my conclusion (based upon the observation) be correct?

    Today evening. In a very busy traffic signal on the Ring Road of New Delhi, two street dogs were waiting along with some people. One of these two dogs was perfectly normal. But the other dog had only three legs. One of its front legs was not there. Most probably it had lost the leg in any previous accident. Suddenly the normal dog started running and reached the other side of the road with tremendous risk. Some pedestrians also followed the dog and crossed the busy road running.

    However, I was astonished by the behaviour of the other street dog (which had three legs). It waited patiently, and unbelievably watched the traffic signal. When the traffic signal turned red, it crossed the road confidently without any haste, in front of cars and buses.

    I am still astonished! Is it possible that the dog has learnt the significance of traffic lights by watching these for many years? Can my conclusion based upon the observation be correct? Or is it imagination of my fertile brain?
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    It is called conditional behaviour. People react in a certain manner at certain conditions and situations.
    The three legged dog was aware. You know how it might have lost its leg? By crossing the street hastily without checking passing vehicles. Now it learnt the lesson. And thanks to it, if it is a female, every forthcoming generation of this dog will do the same, learning from their parents.
    I don't think it was looking at traffic lights. Dogs don't see the colors like humans do. It appears to them differently.
    So, it is the hasty honks and speedy vehicles the dog is checking.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    We always think that animals wont use brains and they simply follow our diktats or some customary behaviour. I have also observed many a time that dogs on the roads side wont get run over while crossing the other side of the road as they prefer to cross along with the public and thus reach safe. Like wise when the bullock cart is on the road, it never allows its cart to have the scratch on the cars or other vehicles on the road while negotiating the turns. Normally we also end up on hitting or scratching at vehicles or object while turning but they wont.Such is the precision the animals have.
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    Animals will also have the inner observations. But they are not able to express. Probably the dog with three legs might be doing like the other dog in earlier occasions. During such one occasions it might have lost the leg and then learned the lesson
    In this connection I want to tell my own experience. I was with an explosive manufacturing company and many work force was there. They were cleaning their boxes after eating in a particular place. Exactly at that time many monkeys are coming to that place daily for eating the food. When explosives are tested a big sound will come. To inform the others and caution them they used to give a bell. These monkeys when they hear that sound used to close their ears with their front legs. They got experienced like this by seeing the other people.

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    Probably, the lame dog lost its leg while crossing the road without watching/knowing the signal. It had learned a lesson then. Now the dog realised the importance of traffic lights and became careful to watch the signal and cross the roads. The dog won't meet with any accident in future. Dogs are intelligent animals to realise the past and act.
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    A nice observation which reflects two important things in life for me. This is related to attitude and outlook on life.

    The former is healthy, full of energy & vigor, took many risks and with luck lived to tell the tale. Similar to humans who are young and have everything but experience in life.

    The latter, scarred by the loss of a limb (likely due to accident or harm) but with experience on its side has matured enough to have patience, the attitude to apply what it has learned bitterly and now with 'confidence' does the same task with lesser risks.

    The latter would be an example of once bitten twice shy AND that you can't elude the law of averages always, it catches up with you.

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