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    Actions speak louder than words

    We make promises every now and then, but many times we are not able to fulfill these promises. Do we prove that actions speak louder than words? Is it applicable to the present political scenario in our country? Is there any seriousness of actions or are words being used to comfort others.
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    These days we need not worry about upkeeping our words. You can make any promise you want and you can get the work done. After that you can forget about that very conveniently. They know that actions will speak louder than voices. These days politicians will promise you anything and everything before elections but after elections they will complete forget this. Only after five years they will remember their promises. This is very common these days. Our present PM promised special status to AP when he came for election canvassing to Tirupathi. After the elections now it is being conveniently forgotten. The present Our Vice President Naidu insisted for 10years special status but after they came to power they say it is not possible. Both these leaders ditched AP. The politicians can even promise seashore to Hyderabad. They can pass a bill in assembly and send it to Delhi. These days no actions,only voices..
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    Now a days the situation is that action will not be known unless they are spoken of by louder words.I is this that is the base principle of advertisement. Speak louder and louder about proposed action or the one or few actions already performed. It appears as if many many actions are performed.

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    "Action speaks louder than words" is a great saying, which defines the importance of action above the words we speak. In this era, it is hard to find people who would follow this phrase. Keeping the promise is not at all an easy task for anyone. In fact, people are more involved in giving comforting lies.
    Audiences hopes are filled with this and so the politicians do it. As Venkiteswaran sir has said, they believe in shouting out the good words louder, to convince the people of the actions being performed for better purposes.

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    If at all there was a silver lining to politics, this would be it, let actions speak louder than words. Most of us have grown up with the speeches, we will do this, we will do that, your lives will change, I will give my life for the electorate. All these are an old saying that is not even worth the money spent on the election campaigns. I think, any honest politician will follow and should follow this saying, do your work and let your work speak about you. There are many government offices, wherein there will be key employees or officers who will carry on with their work effortless and made their presence felt in unsaid words. Instead of empty promises and crying out loud with hollow promises, let the politicians give up corruption, take up accountability and then see the difference, our country would be a better place, the rich and poor gap can be better.

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    It is a very good saying that actions speaks louder than words, but taking a ultimate action needs guts and courage which very few have them. In this regard I wish to complement Prime Minister Narender Modi for taking the action on demonetisation of currency irrespective resistance and opposition from many people. His action was termed as stupid by the Congress even. Like wise his decision to implement GST was the great action again to which the Congress opposed and now the Country is earning good amount of tax with less violators as every Individual has been brought under tax net. So instead of speaking words and just making promises like previous governments, NDA government has shown their work in actions and the results of which we are going to get positively sooner or later.
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