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    Are you finger or thump?

    I know that all of you are experts in using smartphones, able to send Whats App messages very fast. Able to text messages quickly.

    Some people hold their phone with both hands and type with thump.

    Some people hold the phone in one hand and type with other hand.

    Are you finger or thump? Or both? Why?
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    I am not a thumb. I cannot a smartphone with both hand and cannot type with thumbs.

    Even on a desktop keyboard,I type with single finger and go wrong also when typing. On phone it is still more difficult to press the correct key by a finger much larger than the key.

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    I use my thumb. I hold the phone with both the hands. But type with just one hand by using my thumb, I don't use my fingers.
    While using my laptop, I have a habit of using both my hands with my fingers continuously typing the words.

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    First of all I am not all comfortable with the texting through cell phones and even if it requires I shall type the messages with fingers only. But I get baffled on seeing my daughter typing very fast with her two thump fingers and that too without any mistake.
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    I smile after reading your post. I typed that with my thumb.
    Thumbs are huge and make a lot of errors. If autocorrect wasn't there, I wouldn't type with my thumb. Index finger is ideal if you ask me.
    I've seen some using their finger nails too.

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    I type with different ways. Sometimes we use both hands. Sometimes I use only one hand and I use the thumb of the same hand in which my phone is there. Out of practice I am able to manage the typing in any way I wanted. But it takes more time for me on cellphone than a laptop or desktop. Anyhow some times I was forced to use cellphone for typing especially when I am on tour.
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    I am a finger not thumb. I hold my phone on my left palm, and type with my right hand index finger. I used to wonder at the people using both their thumbs to type messages. Once, while I was waiting for a bus in a bus stop, I have seen a pretty young girl typing messages fast with her thumbs and her eyes closed. I really enjoyed her typing style. I told her,"You are very smart with your smartphone." She smiled and said,"Thank you, Sir".
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    Hi Friends,
    Thanks for responding to this thread.
    I raised this query to ascertain in which age group you are belonging. (Sorry…I am not asking your age!)

    Generally, Young smart boys and girls use thumps to type by holding the phone in both hands. They type very fast. As they age, they start using both thump and fingers, later they use fingers only.

    This is how age (time) changes a person!

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    I somehow suspected that is the case. I like these things. Brain is amazing, right? But have you considered the fact that the elders grew in the absence of technology and that is why they don't use their thumb?
    This is what I deduce. For me it is the test of sloth. And even gender sometimes.
    Women use both hands mostly. Men use their whole palm. But the lazier you are, the more thumb you'll use. That is because it is the nearest finger.
    And teens are the most laziest age groups. So it is no wonder how much a thumb-person they're. And careful personalities might even use a stencil. Some highly distinguished people too use stencils.
    You can derive a lot from how a person treats a gadget.

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    Thumps. Is it thumbs or thumps to indicate literal hammering of the key down one at a time. On computers, I use both thumbs and fingers, for the smart phone, I use both hands. It more of the comfort or clumsiness with which one holds the phone while typing that decides whether they are fingers (young) or thumbs(old).

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    I am both thumbs and fingers. When texting on a handset, I hold the device in both hands and use my thumbs to type the messages. When working on my tablet or laptop, I use my fingers and thumb to type. When I first started using a computer I did not know how to type and used just my index finger when typing but over the years I learned to use both thumbs and fingers while typing on computing devices.

    To all those who do not use their thumbs for typing on the smartphone, I suggest they try it. I find it a more efficient way for typing. I make fewer errors while typing using both my thumbs and there is auto correct to help as well.

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