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    Are you a stranger in your own house?

    Do you feel that people at home don't pay attention, small kids don't listen to you, your spouse ignores you, your parents have a sad smile on their faces with few words, teenage children or siblings slip into their room when you arrive home. Yes, you are a certainly a stranger.

    It's human to get annoyed at such things happening in your own home. But it's you who created it, you spent more time with friends, on the phone, on gadgets, at work, and at self-importance. Sadly, you ignored the loved ones around you.

    Just buying gifts, providing the home with money is not all in life. It's important to understand that they too are humans and all they ask is a little time, undivided attention for a while in a day, a few laughs, a few questions about their day, a listening ear to their small achievements, all these are far more valuable to them compared to the pay packet that is valuable to you.
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    I am not a stranger in my house, rather I am most important and sought after by my family and relatives and also friends. Who can be dubbed as stranger ? If he is not cooperating with the members of the rest of the house, or whom there is no concern of the house and what the members of the family are doing ? There are people who had been asked to have food and go into their rooms without talking to anyone. Such kind of life is horrible. Life means one should have, joy, sharing, ecstasy, challenging situation and above all mingling with one and all in good and bad times. In fact in my family and relatives they get much relief on my visit as they enjoy my wit of humour and also wait for my advises and tips on many matters and for those who want to know more about Hyderabad they would surely disturb me.
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    My family members never do that. If they feel that I am not paying attention they will argue with me and see that I pay attention to them. In our house we have more a friendly atmosphere. My spouse and my two sons and their wives we all behave as friends. All matters of family will be discussed among all of us. We will say to others if we observe anything odd with others. That way I am a very lucky guy. Another aspect we should think here is our people in the family should not behave like others. Of late in many families the members are behaving as if they are separate and don't share their matters but show lot of interest in the others matters. This is also not a correct attitude. If you want to know others issues you should share your matters also. Then only it is fair. I hope you all agree.
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    As we become old, we become strangers in our own house. The old parents become burden to the youngsters. Even the old spouse will start hating and treating like a stranger. Externally, they might pretend to show their love affection and care, and use their honey coated words from their lips, but have a different feeling at the bottom of their heart. Further, if the old is sick, the scenary will be different. He/she will be put in a separate room, and visit only to give some feed. This is my general observation.
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    With each member of the family having a personal mobile or laptop , is making family members apart from each other. They don't have time to look at each other. This is one reason that a member who is not active with these gadgets may feel left out. He will definitely feel like a stranger.
    For me I never felt like a stranger ,in fact we take out time and spend time together at least during dinner. We share our experiences of the day, and thoughts with each other.
    Even if we do not have time,we must at least wish each .A family prayer together in the morning is also a good idea of togetherness .Positivity in the family will never make others feel neglected.

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    I can't really tell. But I'm not close to anyone in my life. I don't keep secrets. I tell everyone everything and treat everyone the same .
    Indifference at its best. And people reciprocate the same.
    I think being a stranger is great. People are interested in you. Even you're own family is puzzled by you and eagerly anticipates your next action.
    Busy lives limit our exploration.
    People hardly know each other, yet claim that their love is unbreakable.
    I remain aloof from all the world. Learning is what I like and I pursue. Everything I do is for the sake of learning something. If I learn something a day, the day hasn't gone waste.
    But such aloofness is not recommended.
    That will leave you lonely with no one to share your feelings with.

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    I am not at all a stranger in my house. I have received a good amount of love, care and support from my family.
    It happens that when you do not give your time and attention to your family, the love that you need from them will fade slowly. You need to give love to gain back love from them. Love and care are shared.
    Remaining busy and occupied with oneself, will cause the loved ones to be more separate from you. One more thing is understanding with your family. If you have a good understanding, they will always understand your essence but need your time and attention too to make an impact.

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    It is not generally true but yes there are some who feel themselves as stranger in their own house.

    The modern age has created a lot of rush for materialistic achievements and in this pursuit people are forgetting everything including their family. Unfortunately when they earn a lot of money and position in the society and turn back to their families to find out how much happy the family members are they see a blank and strange expression on their face.

    This is really a sad and peculiar situation to become a stranger in ones own place but yes it happens some times and is to be taken in a sportive way rather to be aggrieved with it.

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