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    I see his name everyday but did not know about him till yesterday (Part-I)

    (I live in South Delhi. There is a road just beside my accommodation which carries his name. I know there is a university and a polytechnic bearing his name, but didn't know anything about this great man. So, I started searching. This two-part article is on the basis of the information which I collected.)

    His ancestors were the Rajas of Rewari district and adjacent areas of Haryana. They helped the Marathas during second Anglo-Maratha war in 1803. As a result, British rulers punished them by confiscating their kingdom. They were provided a grant of 58 villages in lieu of their kingdom. They were insulted by the British. So, they were preparing to strike at the first available opportunity.

    He was born on 9th December,1825 in Rampura village. His father was Rao Puran and his mother was Gyan. He learnt Persian, Urdu, Hindi and little bit English. He became the landlord in November 1839 after the death of his father.

    1857 arrived. The Indian soldiers of British East India company rebelled against the Company officials who were ruling India. Common people joined them. The old Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Jaffar was reinstated. He was made the guiding symbol of the rebellion. The patriotic people of Rewari joined this fight for independence under their landlord.

    Our hero assembled 400-500 soldiers and went to Rewari. He forcibly took all British Government office buildings. He made Rampura his war headquarter. Rampura was fortified. Arms and ammunitions were manufactured and stored in the new fort. Our hero assumed the title of Raja and he made his cousin Gopal Dev as his commander-in-chief. His army swelled to more than 5000 men. He then proceeded with his army to help Bahadur Shah Jaffar in Delhi.

    Delhi fell on 20th September, 1857. He retreated to his headquarter. Soon the British army sent a very strong column with most modern arms (of that period) under Brigadier-General Showers towards Rampura.

    The King of Rampura assessed the situation very astutely and left Rampura. The British force arrived and occupied Rampura without any opposition.

    (To be concluded......)
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    While it is good to have such interesting informative threads of unknown heroes & freedom fighters, we would suggest that you restrict it to one concise thread only and not spread it over many parts which are individually also too lengthy. Also, you could raise some relevant topic associated with it, perhaps, to elicit some form of discussion. Otherwise, all that we get are mundane, repetitive responses like "This is interesting. I did not know about him."

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    Can I ask you a question? How do you know that much about warfare and our martyrs? I asked because I have a little or no knowledge about Indian war history?
    And I'll be waiting for the revelation.

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    While I appreciate your thinking and writing ability, I am not happy with such information posting in the Forum section. You provide no room for discussion. Such things can be written as a good article and submitted in the Article section which will fetch you good points and a good CC.
    ME has overtaken me and said it well while I was preparing my text.

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    Mr. SuN: Isn't there any scope of discussion? Why don't you try find the answer who was the great freedom-fighter from the hints given in the first part? You can also submit the logic how you you derive the answer. After doing that, you can mention about similar other freedom-fighters about whom you know.

    You are not required to appreciate my posting. Discuss the topic, i.e., unknown freedom-fighters of India.

    Mr. Aditya Mohan: I will try to give reply to your questions later.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    If you wanted an answer, you should have questioned it at the end than writing 'to be continued'. There is nothing to discuss or argue about . If you needed only an answer, you should have posted this in Ask expert section. It is not a thread fit for forum section.

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    Mr. SuN: This is not fit for Forum section (although earlier you had different views on similar threads of mine). I am not allowed to post Articles. So, such posts on freedom-fighters are not fit for ISC. Freedom-fighters are not fit to be discussed in this great platform. Should I accept this conclusion?

    I have absolutely no problem in accepting this conclusion. But let other Members express their opinion.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I suggest you to write good articles on Freedom fighters and other important personalities known/unknown. Just read the Navy day thread posted by Vandana, and have a look at my response where I have linked a great naval warrior to read and appreciate. It should be in that way not in this way.

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    I have also given a link of a video, which is the most authentic one about Operation Trident, which is celebrated during Navy Day.

    Now before I write the second part, please try to guess the name of this great freedom fighter.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Any site would welcome posts on freedom fighters, it would be more like an historical article that would valuable to anyone who reads it. I find this an interesting way to learn history, we often see street names, statues in corners without even knowing what it is for. One such example is what I learnt a few years earlier. Right in the middle of a bustling, happening place in Bangalore is the Brigade Road. At the corner of Brigade Road, close to the circle is an monument that sits in a small grass traffic island. This is a war memorial in honour of the soldiers of 1st Madras regiment during World War-I (1914-1918). There are many people who walk past it with busy traffic all around with only a handful glancing towards it. I always admire the defence personnel and law enforcement personnel who risk their lives on the line of duty.

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    This kind of postings are very good to know the history and about great people who excelled in their life and who protected our country from other countries. They are educative and sometimes generates a lot of interest in digging into the issue further. But due to other occupations are problems many may not be able to do that. If they come out like an article it will be very good to learn.
    I want to tell you a small incident. I have gone to a village in West Godavari of Andhra Pradesh for the first time to meet somebody. After getting down on the bus I was walking on the road. Every street in that village has been given a name and displayed the same at the beginning of that street. While walking I have seen the name of a street. That street was named after my surname. I was very happy to see that but I could not understand the relationship between that village and my surname. After completing my work I returned to my native place and told my father what I have seen and I asked him the relation. Then he told me that originally my grand father's grandfather, who was a very good poet those days, was staying in that village. As he was very famous that street was named after his surname which is my surname also.

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