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Here's the first part of the Guess the Author contest. Just guess who wrote each title & send your answers via email. Take your time - the last entry could be the winner!
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    Guess the Author Contest 1 - who wrote the Titles?

    This is the first part of the Guess the Author contest. All members, including the authors themselves, can participate in the contests.

    What you have to do: See the list below of the topic allotted to the 15 authors and the title submitted by each author. You have to guess which ISCians wrote the titles and send the answers directly to: Do not post your answers in this thread. You should send the answers like this -
    GTA1: [name of member]
    GTA2: [name of member]

    Once you send the email to me, you must put a response in this thread to let me know, so as to get points & cc for your correct answers. Only your first email will be valid as an entry. So if you missed out on guessing one author, you cannot send a second email with the answer.

    Some clues to help you: A broad hint has been given in response #618381 & in #617993 in the contest updates' thread (link above); there are 5 editors on the list; Author #15 is a "wildcard entry", that is, the ISCian is to be seen in the forum once in awhile; #11 is a regular GD participant; 5 authors are ladies.

    Points & Awards: Every participant, including the winners, will get 3 points and 3 cc for each correct answer. The first two persons to get maximum correct answers, as determined by the time of their email, will each win Rs.100/-. The next ones in line will get Rs.75/- and Rs.50/- respectively (one each.) The maximum correct answers for this & of contest 2 combined will decide the bumper prize winners.

    For their writing efforts and giving me their time, Authors will get 3 points by default for their own entries + 2 bonus points. They will also be given 5cc for self-entries only if they guess the theme which I selected as being common to all the topics given to the authors (hint - it is a word related & relevant to ISC.) In case they get the theme wrong for this contest, they can try again for contest 2 (they will be sent an intimation via email if it is incorrect.)

    The list of Titles are -
    GTA1: Topic - Recitation
    Title: Listening carefully as he recited my past.
    GTA2: Topic - Textbooks
    Title: Of all textbooks, this is still nightmare.
    GTA3: Topic - Research
    Title: Scientific Research is a must for the development.
    GTA 4: Topic - Advisor
    Title: Importance of advisor in our life.
    GTA5: Topic - Discipline
    Title: Be disciplined and set the rhythm.
    GTA 6: Topic - Teacher
    Title: A teacher helps others to acquire knowledge.
    GTA 7: Topic - Skills
    Title: Do you have life skills to succeed?
    GTA 8: Topic - Mentor
    Title: Mentoring – amalgamating tutor, trainer, coach and guide
    GTA 9: Topic - Writing
    Title: Writing - Just an expression of thought or much more?
    GTA 10: Topic: Language
    Title: Reference to context and your language
    GTA 11: Topic - Analysis
    Title: Behavioral Analysis
    GTA 12: Topic - Knowledge
    Title Do you have a 'love affair' with knowledge?
    GTA 13: Topic - Words
    Title: Mean the words as you speak.
    GTA 14: Topic - Guidance
    Text: Guiding need not be alongside only
    GTA 15: Topic: Training
    Title: How to become a successful fitness trainer?

    Let's have a harmonious GTA contest with a good number of participants & with no disputes please during the contest as well as after the answers & results are announced. Happy guessing!

    Closing time of entries: 10th December (Sunday), 4 p.m.
  • #618641
    I have sent my guesses now to the mail ID given above.
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  • #618645

    Do not put any comments with input or suggestions at this stage. You were given a chance to do so in the initial thread. Simply indicate in your response to this thread that you have sent your entry.

    I have received Chitra's entry.

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  • #618648
    I have sent my wild guesses to your e-mail ID. Kindly confirm receipt.

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  • #618675
    Hi Vandana Mam,

    I have sent you my entries on your email id.

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  • #618692
    Just now I have sent my guesses. Kindly confirm.
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  • #618696
    I have sent my answers. Kindly confirm receipt.

  • #618703
    I too have sent my guesses.
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  • #618705
    I have just now sent my gusses. Please acknowledge the same.
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  • #618711
    I have received the entries of all who have responded so far.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #618723
    I too have sent my answers to the title authorship contest (!).

  • #618731
    Emailed my entry for this contest just now.
    Kindly acknowledge the receipt.


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  • #618745
    Even I have emailed it before 4pm.

  • #618746
    I have received all the 10 entries within the closing time. Thank you for your participation. Contest 2 will be announced tomorrow after 1p.m.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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