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    Do you really pray God and thank Him before every meal?

    We all love God. We thank Him for each and everything. We visit temple to put up our problems, and to thank Him after solving the problems. We think Him before examination, and thank Him after passing the examination. We perform most of the things in our life on the name of God.

    Do you really think and thank God before each and every meal that has been provided to us by God? If yes, How do you thank God? If No, why are you not doing so?
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    I think it depends on belief on an individual. It is upto an individual to believe and not to.
    But I do respect food. I don't throw away food.
    I eat it even though it is bad.
    That should be the true gratefulness.
    I love Japanese. They pray and praise Lord before they eat every meal. Even certain orthodox Christian households do that.
    For Brahmins; it is a ritual to chant a small mantra everyday twice before eating a meal.
    Muslims have a very polite and respectful way towards food. "Cleanliness is godliness" cannot be endorsed better by anyone but Muslims.
    Sikhs "sacrifice" their meal everyday with Kirpan. Moreover the meals at langer are eaten only after chanting guru mantra.

    All over the world, it is a compulsory custom to thank food and god before digging in.
    I respect my food. I don't pray to Lord before eating though because I don't believe in him.

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    Believe me or not, I shall pray the God before eating food and after eating food. Why I pray because, he was grateful and graceful to provide me and family with food without problem to which we are always indebted. And why I pray because, after eating food nothing wrong should takes place inside the stomach. Not only I pray God before and after taking food, I also pray God before leaving home for the office to see that every thing goes on well on the road and in the office without any problems and commotion and after reaching home as the thanks giving for reaching me safely to home.
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    I do not pray to God before every meal but I thank him every day for all my blessings including food and shelter while I pray. Earlier I never had the habit of thanking God but used to pray to him for my needs and to solve my issues. When I was in high school, it is a teacher of mine who taught me to thank God for all our blessings and for the happiness he had given us. From then I have made it a point to thank the Almighty.
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    I pray to God but not always before food. I personally feel a prayer should come spontaneously with the heart and mind not be forced to do it. It's good, If someone says a prayer because they feel like saying it but if someone has to say a prayer just because he or she was told to say so or saying a prayer to just avoid the scoldings of elders is not true and it becomes meaningless. For me, belief in God is something that can be instilled or guided at a tender age when all is white or black but as we grow from an innocent child to a mature adult, we should have the liberty to decide on such issues. There's a moral story about the difficulties to remember God, when we are all pre-occupied with our work and the issues of our lives. I feel it is more important to say a silent prayer everyday whenever possible, wherever we are rather than having to say it before food, morning or evening.

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    No, I don't do that but I definitely feel that we get our food only because of Him. So, we must tank Him from the core of our hearts. This should not become a ritual only.
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    Once in a while I do so. But that has not stayed as a habit. However immediately after getting up and before going to bed I do a silent prayer for a few moments.

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