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    Waiting Room and its dynamics: a little world by itself.

    The Waiting Room is one where we all would have been at one time or the another, waiting for the doctor,officer,bus/flight etc. If you have been in for a while and just observe around you, you would be amazed of the range of human behavior that you can see.

    Mothers will be tired, sitting quietly and resigned to the fact that they can't control the energetic children who run around playing. Senior citizens will be sitting lost in thought or trying to strike a conservation with a fellow senior. Some who are over enthusiastic and will try hard to pry open the facts about us as if they are our long last friend.

    Some will be absorbed in the old newspapers or magazines. Some will be chatting loudly over the mobiles without any regard for people around them and their situations. Some are stoic, yet some are extremely restless. Some have a stern face and a stiff upper lip where as some have a friendly face and a few comforting words to say.

    Some are like alert sentries who keep glancing all around and almost staring at everyone in turn. In short, its fun to observe a bunch of people who have nothing in common except that they all are waiting for their turn lost in their own worlds in the little world of waiting rooms.
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    As an english writer GKChesterton wrote in an article, the waiting is a likeable one if we enjoy the surroundings. Lest if we make tension ourselves as getting late, the situation felt worst. As pointed out by the author, the waiting room a small world, we can enjoy

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    Yes the waiting room is a unique world, where people of different places are under one roof but strangers to each other.whether a waiting room at a station or airport, people are seen enjoying themselves, coffee, tea and mobile chats are the most common activities. Different moods and emotionals of people are also seen, speaking in different tones and languages.
    One thing I was just wondering was that where scenes of waiting rooms in railway stations and Airports are full of energy and delightfulness,the scenes of waiting rooms in hospitals are different, they are more tense and less rejoicing. Happiness is there too, when a new born has arrived and the nurse announces the news to the relatives. This waiting room is a different world with mixed feelings.

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    The author seems to be keen observer on what is happening around him. Surely waiting room is a place where every one has been gathered for a specific task or goal. May be all are waiting for the train to arrive, may be all are waiting for the bus to arrive, may be all are waiting when the patient is undergoing operation in the ICU. All these places have different moods and emotions. Those who are waiting for the train, they would surely reveal the grand old days when the trains used to be punctual and never late. Those who were waiting for the bus would be worried about how to reach in the dark at the destination when it is getting late. And those who are waiting at the hospital, they would be having tense time as they have to answer so many calls the near and dear one would enquiring and they have to attend the urgent needs of hospitals which seek something or the other during operation of the patient.
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    Ever wonder how would you look to them.
    That mother will be hiding her child from your notice, thinking weird about you.
    Teen girls will call you " creep".
    The old might look at you and think," why is he observing us?"

    Everytime you're observing, someone else is observing you.
    Its a cycle. They are fascinated by you in the same way too.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is true that waiting room is a place of different activities and different types of people. Yes. It can be called a mini world by itself. Even a train journey in a compartment during daytime will be like a little world only. Whenever we go and wait for something different people will try to occupy themselves in different ways. Some people will open their mobile and start playing virtual games as if there is nobody else. Some people will start talking on the phone with earphones in their ears and in between laughing and expressing joy for the words of the other side. Some people will be staring at the clock and become impatience as the waiting time increases. Some will be talking to the neighbour even though the neighbour is not so curious to hear your words. But how you engage yourselves and how are you feeling there is more important. If you have a shortage of time and if the waiting is not getting over we will become impatience and get tension. Some people don't worry about the time and they go on enjoying their music. I feel hearing music till our turn comes is the best during the waiting times.
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    Waiting room helps people in waiting at the station so that they can pick up their next train by taking some rest. The scenario is completely different. Some people wait for their relatives to come and meet them. While they are talking about their next journey, discussing their health and wealth.
    Children like always find some space to play around. People are occupied with their stuff, eating and relaxing. Trying to understand the people near them.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Spiritually speaking this universe itself a waiting room. We are all staying by living in this waiting room for our train/bus at the last journey. We can see no fighting or quarreling in the railway Station/Bus stand waiting rooms between the passengers as they know that their staying will be only for limited period. Similarly our waiting period in this universe also not known to us and why quarreling or disputing or differentiating ourselves?

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    Waiting rooms are no more waiting rooms. They are entertainment rooms. Now they have Televisions for the people. Toys provided for the children. News papers and magazines for the readers. Of course, it is a miniature world where waiting is not felt seriously by the people.
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    Waiting room is a place where we are all impatient in our mind. Bu the compelling need makes us to hide the same.Even then as everyone has their own tolerance limit, once the limit exceeds, they show is in someway.
    Generally I glance through the papers and magazines,brochures ar other things displayed. If such things are not available then I have to spend time observing bothers. When things are conducive, I get into conversation with someone who also looks fr that opportunity.

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    Waiting room is a representation of the society by itself. We see almost all category of people. Age-wise representation will be there. Dress-wise also we can categorize them. Of course there will be differences among waiting rooms of different transport category. The one at Railway station will be different from that one attached to an airport. The main difference will be in the category of travellers waiting, dress will be different, language may be different, the social class will be different.
    Again, if we go to Bus waiting station the picture might be entirely a different one. There will be lot of difference in the cleanliness and discipline.
    However these congregations of people will have a common factor, an uncertainty and a sort of worry.


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