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    Do you agree there are techniques to increase our memory power?

    When I was in 8th class a book how to increase our memory power in that there are many techniques and tricks were described to increase the memory power one is to tell the tables from down to top like (Suppose if you want to tell six table start with 6*10=60, 6*9=54...... like that) instead of telling from 1 to 10 you have to tell it 10 to 1 as there are many techniques and tricks wrote in the book.Do you agree the are techniques and tricks to increase our memory power?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Now a days abacus way of teaching the children with all intricacies of maths are possible and the children are no more byhearting anything and writing. By the way we should never teach new methods which are not understood by the children. Involve the children in play way method and each subject be taught with some things or objects so that they would learn easy. By the way learning the maths table backwards may prove to be tough in high classes as most complex questions would be posed and for that knowing the multiplication on normal way is must for every student.
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    The modern technique has indeed made a contribution to better memory to a certain extent.
    My view of having a good memory is through visual learning. When a child just begins to read alphabets, he is reading along with the pictures and illustrations. He then relates it to his surroundings.
    Today visual learning has come to classrooms. The educom system and activities are helping children learn better.
    Parents are trying out the abacus and other methods for their kids. To what extent it is helping them is also a question.
    My parents told us to eat lots of almonds to have a good memory. It keeps the brain active.

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    Increasing memory can be managed by continuous practice. It is not simply getting something by heart. Of course that will help recollect something like a poem or a speech. However memory is more than reproducing something. When one makes a speech without preparation incidents or issues come out of the mouth which is from memory. Similarly politicians reproduce different statistics without referring to any paper.
    Memory power can be increased by continuous practice. More and more reading is a must for that. Also careful attention should be given while reading. If any physical weakness is there naturally some medicines will help get rid of it. Certain Ayurveda medicines such as Chyavanaprasam, Brahmarasayanam, etc. are suggested to be taken daily.

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    Well. There are technical and practical solutions for memory issues.
    Mnemonics, is the way of remembering things through rhymes and music.
    It is the best way according to me because we can remember things for a long time that way.
    How and why do you remember your Lkg rhymes and tables of maths until now? Because they were sung to us.
    We remember songs easily because information is stored in the artistic part of brain.
    This gives more area for the memory.

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    Read as much as you can.
    Read everything. Newspapers, novels, books, and internet articles and off course ISC Forum!
    Eventually you will improve your mental ability.

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    To remember anything we should understand the subject. Without understanding if you by heart any information by reading number of times, by anyway if you forget one word you will forget anything. But if you understand the whole subject, you can reproduce whatever you want from the portion you understood. You can manage writing the whole lesson in your own wards . First step for remembering is understanding the subject, try to answer the questions in your own way and then compare with the original for its correctness. Another thing you can do for remembering the points you can connect the issue you want to remember to a very easy point always you remember.
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    618691 Please correct it. You can manage writing the whole lesson in your own wards I think it should be in your own words.
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