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    Bullet trains in India

    Ever since prime minister narinder modi announced about the bullet train project there arises reasons to be happy about this project and there are reasons that drive us to ponder if this is the first priority for a country where majority of the population is below poverty line.Despite it's benefits like high speed ,safety and comfort there are many downsides involved in this project.The expected cost fare for a one way trip from ahemdabad to mumbai is projected to be Rs 5000.Quite few indians would prefer to travel with these expenses.Also the people who can afford would prefer planes rather.If the cost factor is not considered then the project might prove to be a loss for the government.For laying tracks, there will be issues of land acquisition which might trigger anger against commoners.For ex. laying tracks in mumbai would require large acquisition of land which has largest slums in city.Also,the project is in its initial level of planning and it will take years for its completeion and in between if there is a change in the government then the project might suffer consequences.
    It is important to understand whether India is ready for this change or not.So the project has pros and cons under india's present situation and it needs to be handled with care so that it triggers development and not debacles.The project definitely has risks inolved in it but without risks nothing big is achieved.
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    Well when big decisions are taken, some times one has to face hostilities.Same is the case with Narender Modi government. Bullet train project is no doubt a prestigious attempt from NDA government which envisages speedy transfer of passengers from one destination to another on the lines of air plane speed. But India is basically a developing country with lots of things to be done to provide basic things for the people so the general notion in in the public mind is that instead of alleviating poverty which is must , , this government chosen such a project which would only help the rich and business class and not the poor as he cannot afford the fare.
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    A project as ambitious as this is bound to have people thinking both ways. Progress, Change, Advances in technology doesn't come easy. It brings in the inherent risks of cost escalation, legal hurdles, delays in completion and shortfalls in resources and expertise. But unless we attempt, we wouldn't know whether all will go well or fall down in a heap.

    Recollecting a similar project (although now it looks simple) on a less grander scale, when the Bangalore metro rail project was envisaged, there was skepticism and doubts whether it could be completed. Yes, there were delays, interference etc but today it's a reality and Hyderabad has also started it and people are using it. It has brought in jobs for the local people. Proud to say that there are many female metro train operators, security and ticketing personnel in Bangalore.

    Maybe what looks as a herculean task with an expensive price tag for a passenger, may all turn out well, people may prefer the bullet train over air travel for various reasons. Let's wait and see.

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    Bullet train is no doubt a good project, but it is a misguided priority. The first and foremost is the safety measures to be improved to reduce the train accidents. Modernisation of the tracks and filling up the posts at the lower level which are important for the safety measures for the trains are the first priority. This subject is discussed in a detailed manner earlier in this forum.
    The fare assumed anywhere between Rs 1500/ to Rs 2500/, as per the surveys conducted and published, shows the route is likely to be a financial burden.

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    First we should remove the poverty from India before we try to have a bullet train for Indians. Bullet train will be enjoyed by the rich and the richest people of our country, especially the business class people. The poor will remain poor forever to see and enjoy the speed of bullet train only. We need fast moving trains but not bullet trains.
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    I think Bullet Trains running location from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is only plus point that on that route this project can get success because of a large number of public travelled daily and a lot of rich families also so chances of success is more on that route.

    I think this project may fail on other route but we need to wait for bright future if something good is happening as a PM dream then public need to support them because our PM may fulfil a lot of dreams of the public.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    India is a rapidly developing economy with numerous developmental needs. A major component of India's developmental plan is the upgradation of current rail networks as well as the development of new high speed rail corridors popularly known as bullet trains. Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail project is a visionary project. Bullet Train project will help Indian Railways to revolutionize every passenger's journey. It is a low cost project which is funded by a loan with very low interest rate. As per the agreement with Japan, As per the agreement, the project has 'Make in India' and 'Transfer of technology' objectives. India is getting a cutting-edge technology for the high-speed train project which is known as 'Shinkansen Technology'.

    However, we do know that new technology has not always been adopted easily and most of the time faces stiff resistance. Some of us still remember the stiff resistance offered by the leftists at the time of introduction of computers in late eighties and early nineties.

    Personally I am 100% sure that this new technology will be proved highly beneficial for the country in another twenty years or so. This technology will also provide many new jobs and cause rapid industrialisation in near and distant future.

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    Bullet trains in India are good to have. Are we ready for that is the question. India is a developing country and the government is inviting many foreign establishments to start in India their activity under the initiative Make in India. To attract them to this place there should be a good infrastructure and travelling facilities for the people when they have to come and work here. Keeping this in mind probably government has taken the initiative. This work is undertaken with Japan collaboration in Make in India program and there will be the latest technology in the project which may be provided by Japan to us. But the cost of travel is going to be a big problem for the country. Priority should be given to the existing tracks upgrading and improving safety features and cleanliness in the railways. This should be their first priority. This bullet trains will be used between two places where there is no connectivity by air.
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