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    Why do we have column for religion when India is a secular country?

    We debate, we fought, we speak out loud that India is a secular country. However, when one need to fill any official form, there will be a column to fill - your religion. Even when you need to admit your child in a school, you have to officially write your religion. Not only that, you have to mention your cast as well.

    This is something I have still not understood. What makes different in a school whether the kid is belong to any particular religion. Where in education at least all are same.

    Can we please discuss this topic silently without any unpleasant comments.
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    Well. Our country houses people of every religion. But these religions are scattered and are in unequal proportions.
    Some aspire for certain privileges. Some for a religious integrity. Humans love to distinguish themselves.
    So it wouldn't matter how tightly you unite them they'll be distinguishing themselves.
    Moreover, nation needs to know how each sect is developing over years.
    So a religion column is must.

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    There are certain reservations for the minority communities in education. This necessitates the religion to be mentioned. The country has to develop a lot, especially the people, so that the religion column may be removed.
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    This is a mandatory requirement for any institution to have their own database about the details of an individual. Even when you fill a job application form, they seek all the information including your parent's financial status. Moreover, one has to disclose his caste/religion while seeking an admission as there are certain privileges offered to certain communities/religions as per the constitution.

    But it should not be made mandatory as this would create a lot of irrational thinking in the young mind. Those who want to disclose can be asked to furnish as the government regularly undertakes census to update the data.


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    Secularism is to treat all the religions equally. However, we need to respect the individuals religious belonging, their feelings and their tradition and culture. For. e.g. A Christian might request for a leave on a particular day relating to Christianity which may not be a general holiday for all. To grant him leave, the organisation should know that he is a Christian by birth. Since we have reservations and privileges to the religions and castes, it is mandatory to keep the authorities informed.
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    Secularism actually means separation of thee affairs of state from religion. However, Mohandas Gandhi perceived it as equal respect for all religions in Indian context. Nehru changed it as appeasement of particular religions. So, I feel that the religion column is introduced to enable the Government to give special facilities to the followers of those particular religions,
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    In a country declared as secular starting from school admission to hob application one has to specify the caste and religion. It is indeed a contradiction. But it becomea necessary to avoid the unequal treatment of every category. Also there are approved concessions to certain communities. If these concessions are to be made available to that particular category their list must be available with the authorities.
    Now the problem is the misuse of such constitutionally approved benefits . Moreover these concessions are not used for what it was intended to. Originally the constitution makers included such clauses in order to nullify the differences among various classes by giving additional attention to those who otherwise would not come up. But because of such concessions they prefer to continue in the same class. Even different socio-political organisations are coming up in such names. So, will there be a time when our country is actually secular?

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    India is a secular country. All castes, all religions and all creeds can live and lead a happy life. No happiness is denied to you because of your caste or religion. But it is necessary to the government to know the caste and religion. This is a requirement as there are reservations basing on your caste and religion. The previlages you get from the government depends on your religion and caste. In this country there are certain previlages to certain castes and religions due to the reasons best known to all of us. So to decide on these things we have to mention our religion and caste on all the applications and admission forms. As long as this system exists we can not say we are secular. We can say we are trying to become secular or we can say we are secular on paper.once the reservations and special priorities will be given on the basis of financial status irrespective of caste and religion then only we can say India is a secular country. Till such time we are secular only on paper.
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    Well if you and me ask this question, no one shall answer it properly from the politicians or the government side, but if the court asks the same question , even the Attorney General has to answer this question. Though we claim that India is the secular country for the mention, we are all divided by religions and regions and this what asked by every application as mention. Unfortunately some religions and castes which are still considered to be backward by the government extends sops on reservation and benefits and as such caste , religion and region has to be expressly mentioned. Dr Ambedkar has suggested sops for the under privileged for 10 years after India got the Independence but the reservations are continued even today to the extent that we have to forgo 50 percent seats to all those reservationists and again they compete with us in the remaining 50 percent.
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    Nice relevant thread. Yes we are a secular country and I think this column is for us to know how secular are we. Religion becomes an important measure in the gathering of country's socio-demographic data which helps the policy makers and the government authorities to decide who is minority, what is the mix of people in a particular region, how to grant funds, how to maintain communal harmony. I don't think it matters at school, sports or civil services as to what religion the person belongs to. It would be more relevant to administrative officials and supervisors who have to ensure that religious sentiments shouldn't be affected while drafting regulations and guidelines at work, at public places. For instance, Christmas is around the corner, if the government does not know about the percentage of people in a locality, in a school or in a city, then it can be insensitive if it does not declare a holiday or if holds public functions for other religions and forgets Christmas.

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    I have read everyone's response, almost all has said the reason to get to know the religion because of some privilege some particular religion gets. But, again the same question still run in my mind does our country really call a "secular" if at all we have some quota or privilege to some of the people?

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    The minorities as they are very less in number, require the help of the Government and also the majority community.
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    India is most probably the only country of the world where the percentage of minority population (two minority communities) has been increasing in every census. The reasons behind this increase is known to all. Now, this has reached an alarming stage and it is threatening the integrity of the nation. If this is not stopped immediately, there is every possibility of another partition and subsequent terrible happenings in another thirty years.

    So, we have to come out of this harmful liberal (so-called) mindset and give proper opportunity to all. The benefits should be distributed equally. More benefits hsould be given only on economic consideration, and not on the basis of religion or caste.

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