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    Are we living with our strength and abilities or at the cost of others weakness ?

    Each one of us are really bestowed with some talent or the other through which we have the ability to strength our presence and also does work with the appreciation of the others. But there are occasions when the opposite person is weak and we had the advantage of overtaking the chance and thus become winner and achiever. This happens in every ones life. Should we depend on others weakness or for that opportunity, or should we continue to work on our strength, intelligence, own way of thinking and abilities ?
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    There is a saying one man's weakness is another man's strength. In every field be it education ,sport, or entertainment we find people with their own values and strengths.
    A person can standout in a particular field because of his own abilities and strengths.
    It will not be good to take advantage of other people's weakness. It is not a good idea to depend on other's weakness.

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    Our strengths are the pillars on which our achievements rest. It is the energy that drives us ahead in our pursuit of success.

    On the other hand the weakness of others is only an illusion where we temporarily appear superior or in advantageous position with respect to them. So that is not a thing to be proud of. Individual strengths are something to be adored in life for ever.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Strength and weakness are two sides of a coin. Everybody has both the qualities. If we analyse the persopersonality of an individual this can clearly be seen. Perhaps one may be strong in dealing with certain issues but may be week in others. So one's success over the other depends on the issue involved. So the success of one depends on his ability to analyse the issue and situation. If this could be done successfully his success over the other person will be sure. This capacity adds to the strength side. Just a mistake in the analysis may take the strength to weakness.

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    I am one who feels that we should live on strength. We should not depend on other's weakness. Today they are weak but tomorrow they may become strong. Then we will loose our battle. So we always stand up on our strength. We should acquire the strengths whatever we want. Then only we can be confident. Competing agInst a strong candidate winning the battle is very thrilling. If we win over a weak person there. Is nothing great. Duryodana lost the battle. All died in the battle. Then Duryodhana hidden in a pond. Lord Krishna gone there with Pandavas and called Duryodhana out. Duryodhana came out. Lord Krishna gave him averygood offer. There are five Pandavas. You can choose any one for fighting and if you win over him, Pandavas will accept that they lost the battle. Duryodhana might have chosen a weak candidate and won over him. But he opted for Bhimawho is the real opponent for him and lost the battleThat is why he has become Raraju. Even losing all brothers and followers, he has never thought that he can win over a weak candidate. That is the greatness.
    always confident

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    Strengths and weaknesses of an individual or a country are relative to the given circumstances, hence we should live based on our strengths and be aware of the weaknesses of others and us to be successful. For instance, a man with good vision in comparsion to a blind man should know his ability to see would be his strength during daytime and become his weakness at night. On the contrary, although the blind man would be at a disadvantage in daytime, he would be perfectly at ease during night.
    In life we need to be dependent on our strengths and abilities to live our life, preying on the weakness of others and using it to our advantage is the rule in the jungle but not in human life. It would be immoral or demeaning to prey on the weak for our survival. Many of us would have given a bribe at sometime or the other for our work to be done but we never hold such people (who accept bribes) in high esteem.

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