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    Google can never be greater than a Guru!

    The Vice-President of India was addressing an inaugural function of Convention centre in AP and was praising the role of a teacher. He is famous for quoting punch dialogues and one such one was - A Google can never replace a Guru!

    This caught my attention in the news headlines today. Gone are those days when we go to the teacher to clear our doubts and wait for our turn to get them clarified. With the accessibility of Internet at our doorsteps, we are not bothered to meet the teacher and would surf the webpages suggested by Mr.Google. With the facilities provided in various schools, the smart teaching class rooms also make the teacher stand and simply watch the proceedings carried by the e-learning online tools.

    But how can we ignore the expertise and experience of a qualified teacher who can guide you to move on a right path? Can Google overshadow the experienced Guru and replace him?
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    No one can match the oratory and thinking skill of our Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and what he said is absolutely right. If every one would listen the teachings and sayings of their gurus attentively , they need not approach any thing for further clarification and reference. We have the habit of referring to Google because we are not aware of it or we have not given credence to its learning. Had we learned from our teachers attentively during our schooling in every subject, surely we have had enough knowledge to compete with others and also excel ourselves.
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    A very nice thread. Our vice president Naidu is very famous for his speaking skills. He is a very good Orator from his student days. He is very famous for punches.
    No system can replace a Guru. A Guru will tell you want you need. A Google will tell you what they know. You have to choose from that. A teacher will explain you what the matter is. A Google will tell you what the matter is. What you learn through a Guru will be remembered long.

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    Of course, the statement is correct. The Google can only provide the information. It helps me to get some information which I require. But it can't help me to understand the importance of particular information, it doesn't help me to use that particular information. Most importantly, the Google can't be a mentor, a guide. This role is always earmarked for parents and gurus.
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    Google is only a search engine which will give you result for your search and many times you will not find out of that search what you were looking for and then you change the search criterion and try to get your answers.

    On the other hand the Guru will answer your queries exactly what you wanted to find out and he will guide you to attain that piece of knowledge in the best of the ways. So Guru is a super computer plus a knowledge bank which will quench your thirst for knowing anything. He will not only do that but also warn you to avoid going in the irrelevant areas and this help in focussing your goals in seeking something.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Google search defnitely brings back information on the questions we have, how we anlayse this and how we use it, is it good for us or bad for us is difficult to decide unless you have an advanced software algorthim that takes in your parameters and try to get an answer relevant to you. It may not be possible in all occasions. The good thing is that google is at our fingertips and we need not cross our door steps to get the answers.
    On the other hand, a Guru is one who knows us for years from an early age and has the combination of spiritual knowledge, worldly experience and life's wisdom which I think is very important to guide us at times of need and answer our questions with relevance to us. But the problem is how many of us have Gurus in present day life, at most we would have our teachers and well wishers, sometimes elderly relatives who can guide us. Depending on where we are and what resources we have at our disposal, google can be an ancillary Guru who's relevance will be more if we know how to use it.

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    A nice thread. Google can never replace a teacher. Google is a search engine containing just a bunch of information. It will not teach as a responsibility. A teacher has a responsibility towards its students, to give them a good education, relevant knowledge, what the child needs to learn. Google can never do that.
    A teacher has a unique way of teaching, which makes learning easier for the children. Just putting some information on a website and try to learn from it is a way difficult task. A teacher implements that necessary logic to that learning, to make studies interesting for a child.

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    Both are having their own importance, But GURU is always in the top position even if Google is giving answers to many questions. Because GURU not only educates us but teaches us moral of life and we have an emotional attachment to them whenever we meet in future. But in google we get answers but no such attachment is there with google. So I say teaching wise both are same, but greater sign always stands to GURU only.

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    Yes its true that Google cannot be greater than Guru but in another way, we can say that Guru is always Guru and Google is global Guru for all. If you have your Guru then you can get knowledge from him but if you do not have any Guru then Google is a place where you can gain your knowledge.

    Guru concept is coming from Gurukul so Gurukul is not in picture nowadays but still, Guru exists for all. Google can help us but cannot teach us. Actually, from both, we gain our knowledge so One can be your respected Guru and other can be Global Guru.

    I learn a lot of things from google instead of Guru so I feel Google is also one form of Guru due to the platform and material availabilities.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I am reiterating my views expressed earlier. Google can provide all information, but it can't work as mentor. Google can't teach us basic values. Only parents and Gurus can do so. So, Google can never replace Gurus.
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    I also like and appreciate the oratory skills of Sri Venkiaha Naidu.He is very adept in using local and familiar situations to explain even the difficult matter in a simple and easily understandable way.
    To say about Google and Guru, Google cannot come anywhere near a knowledgeable Guru. Google is like an instance reference dictionary or at the most instant referable library.
    A guru interacts with us by coming and aligning with our standard and knowledge level. He can gauge whether we possess the basic level to understand what he teaches us, and makes real time adjustments and adaptation to make us understand and clears our supplementary doubts too. If he does not know it then, he goes back and gets it and comes back to us.
    Google just makes available to us what it has. Google is as is, where is. Guru's responsibility and liability does not by a single reference.

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