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    When Hyderabad Metro trains goes on same bus routes then what it can offer to public ?

    Last month PM Modi has inaugurated the Hyderabad Metro services on one corridor which is roughly 36 kms. The trains goes on the same bus routes and thus there is not pressing demand for the people to have the train services. For example by paying 80 rupees for day pass, one can travel for 24 hours across the city hopping from one place to another and that to on metro buses and ordinary buses. Where as one has to shell more money for a single journey on metro trains and there is no proper parking spaces available on every metro stations. So people commuting problems persists.
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    Metro trains are useful for people who travel daily for their jobs long distances. A person staying in Nagalo has to go to Miyapur by bus or by road the minimum time it will take will be minimum90 minutes. If the traffic is very heavy and that to evenings where the traffic will be so high it may take 150 minutes also. But the same candidate uses a metro the time required will be just 40 minutes. It will be same in the morning and evening. In this way metros are useful. The real problem is parking for the vehicles in the metro stations. There is no proper planning for this. So many people may hesitate to go by these metros.As it is difficult for them to come fro their residence to metro station.Hence their problem persists .The state government and the HMDA should give a serious thought regarding this and sort out the problem so that metro trains will be really useful and Hyderabad traffic problems will come down.
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    But Miyapur is basically a up market place and not a work place and hence little takers on the route.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Speaking from the experience of traveling in both Mumbai and Delhi Metro, it doesn't matter if there are bus services on the same route as of Metro. Riders also have the perk of traveling in an air-conditioned environment and there is no fear of traffic. The purpose of having metro is not only to cover new routes, but it is also to provide an alternative mode of transport so that the road traffic is eased down. If the price margin is not too big between the same route of Metro and Buses, then Metro would definitely get commuters. And since it is just the start in Hyderabad, the route will continue to expand to cover more and more area in Hyderabad.

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    Mohan, please read my response no: #518136 in this thread, especially the first few lines in the second paragraph. There I have voiced similar concerns.

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    @#618770, Mumbai Metro is in full use.The reason is that people mainly use the Local Trains there. There is no connection between the Centrla Line and Western line. Those who want to travel from stations on line to stations in another line ave to detrain cross over and catch the train in the other line. Only the users know what trauma it is. So when the Metro directly connected the Western Line and Central lines joining two major and crowded transit points. Metro became far more convenient and comfortable. I Mumbai it is 'time is money'. Not only that for many people this avoided the need to take a bus first, then two trains and shortened it to just a few minutes Metro travel.

    Mumbai Metro is actually sort of connecting the broad open part of a"V" of two diverging pathways . So it became instant success.

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    If the present metro routes are extended to ECIL , to the old city extending to Shashabad airport and to the Medchal on the Nagpur side, then it will be full use.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As per author thoughts, metro trains must have caused inconvenience in Hyderabad, but in Bangalore, it's really worth traveling in metro trains. Even cost wise also it's cheaper than bus fare.

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    These are initial teething problems that any large public service would face at the beginning. Once we give time for the service to takeoff and the service providers to assess the practical issues, these problems will be sorted out. With time, you will find that parking lots are made and tenders given out for a few hours or a day pass to park, you will also see enhanced security and better checks for male and female passengers separately. There would be also a bus service to connect stations temporarily to avoid passenger discomfort. There would also be the introduction of metro pass that enables the passenger to save time and money for frequent journeys without needing to buy tickets every time. It takes time for people to learn to use metro as an alternative to work or daily travel, once this happens regularly, then the traffic would ease up. As far as money goes, once you start travelling in metro regularly, it's worth it when compared to the crowd,traffic and air pollution that we face in the buses.

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    Not the question of inconvenience, the connectivity to reach the Metro stations missing, And extension or penetration of metro services to non reachable areas must be explored.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Metro rail services are implemented in such a way that commuters are getting benefited maximum.
    Many points are coming out from these types of discussions and these concerns should reach to the Metro Authorities.Parkings for the vehicles at Stations are a serious concern. Metro authorities can think about the introduction of cab services of their own so that they can pick you from your house on your call. This system is going to be implemented in Saudi Arabia's Riyadh Metro services. No need to use your car there.
    Linking Airports to the Metro system are not economically viable. Profitability of this link depends on the Aircraft landing timings. Generally, landings took place in the morning hours. That is the reason Metro authorities are not happy with linking their service with Airports.
    Regarding safety, our metro services are far behind the standards. Power supply line is running along with the track in many Metros and stations are not caged (covered).We have to desist the commuters to cross the track manually. Metro trains are safer if they run on auto pilot mode. I think, Hyderabad Metro has this facility.

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    I think all that members have mentioned so far will happen. It needs time and public feedback. You can check the Bangalore Metro rail Services. The service is like a giant 'X' that runs across the four corners of the city. There are parking lots that are paid services. There are regular buses that can help people to complete the journey at the beginning or the end. There are unofficial auto and cab stands that are always around the metro stations in Bangalore. Many stations have restaurants small and big around them.
    @Neeraj. I don't think we can cover(cage) the metro boarding points. In Bangalore, there is also a direct line planned from the Bangalore International Airport (KIA) to the Bangalore City Railway station.

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    May be if the other two corridors which are fast nearing completion would help the Hyderabad citizens immensely.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I request, try to find out the reason why Kolkata Metro has not connected directly to the Netaji Intl.Airport.They started operation more than 25 years ago and Why Reliance was reluctant to start the service in New Delhi connecting IGIL AirPort. I do not know about Mumbai as I am not familiar there. Covered platforms with sliding doors, as the train cab stops exactly in line with the platform sliding doors and opening all doors together is the beauty of the technology. By this way 100% safety of the commuters can be assured.

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