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    Talk to yourself and think about your life , at least once in a day.

    Nowadays we are very busy with advanced technology. Yes, I am talking about gadgets. We are very much attracted to mobiles, laptops and many other things but we are not thinking about ourselves. We are doing the same things daily and not trying anything new in our lives but are just carrying on with the routine way in life. We should think about our life at least once in a day. If we think that we are smiling happily, the fact is that we are not. We are maintaining plastic smiles which don't give happiness. Some are bothered about money while some are bothered about beauty and so on. So we should talk to ourselves once a day. We should think about ourselves once in a day.
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    Now a days there is dearth for friends and relatives around us and talking to self has gone subject. But I do agree that in this hectic life schedule, we are not having time to talk to others, visit to others and exchange the pleasantries. What I suggest that at the end of the day before going to bed, just analyse the good and bad things that happened during the day. Smile for the good things you have done, repent for the bad things happened without your knowledge. Pardon those who have scolded or abused you, appreciate those who have been hostile towards you. That way you are giving tight slap on their face silently and that will surely mend their ways. By talking to self it does mean that we talk loudly which can be heard by others. It can be Man ki Bhaath inside our soul and that would have far reaching effect next day.
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    True. These days we have very artificial lives only. We smile on lips only not from heart. We talk on lips only not from our mind. We always be thinking about earning money,getting fame, getting honours and getting prosperity. In this pursuit we always forget about good or bad . We will be expecting always highest positions. But as suggested by the author if we spend some time for our selfrealisation we will definitely correct ourselves and we will never think of unethical ways to win. So everyday we should spend some time in analysing ourselves. Whether what we are doing is correct or not also will be known to us only when we analyse ourselves. While spending a lot of time on computers, laptops, smartphones and other gadgets, allot a little time for your self analysis and introspection. Then you will understand your flaws and you can get corrected by yourselves.
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    Talking to oneself was considered as abnormality and early symbols of one becoming mentally unstable. One's over interest to sit alone, talk alone etc were not all encouraged earlier
    Probably ether just to contradict old theories and beliefs or for earning on books giving new theories for a change, recent days I see many write ups which encourage and support talking alone or talking to oneself.
    Such aloofness comes because one shrinks to oneself without interacting in reality, but only in virtual medium, behind the curtains.

    Don't find happiness in talking to oneself or smiling to selfless. Come out from closed doors to reality, to sunlight; mix ,mingle and interact with real world people- parents, siblings, friends,colleagues,co-travellers,roommates,classmates , and enjoy happiness and real warmth of life.

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    Talking to yourself is a motivation technique to analyse your lives and the situations you are in to find an answer or lend support to yourselves. Although we don't speak out loudly as we see in movies, we do speak to ourselves silently saying an word of encouragement. Often, we go on about our lives mechanically without realising what is happening and what direction we are heading in, at such times it is important to talk to ourselves, our well wishers, our friends, family to get support and guidance so that we can improve our lives. Some people pay importance to money, status, luxuries of life, such people should speak to themselves whether it is really what they want or is it just to get the attention of others around them. Talking to self is an art that should not be obviously the only way to self improvement or a distraction from tasks at hand.

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    I have a habit of talking to myself. That comes out as a habit to me. I always do it, when I am confused or also opposite when I want confirmation on something from myself.
    It is really needed that we talk to ourselves once in a day to meet the best person. We need to know our own likes and dislikes by having a good discussion with ourselves. We need to resolve our important issues by talking to oneself once in a day. We need to analyze our thoughts in an effective manner.

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    An excellent thread from the new Member of ISC. Yes, we must talk to ourselves at least once. Talking to oneself means introspection. We must introspect at least once. If not possible during other time, at least before going to bed at night, we must think what we have done the entire day and think what should we do the next day. Introspection always helps us to organise our activities.

    And I also feel that introvert people always introspect much more.

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    Talking to ourselves happens almost everyday knowingly or unknowingly. This is nothing but self-introspection. We may be talking to ourselves loudly or within ourselves depending on the surroundings. The self -introspection is needed to analyze the past, think about the present and plan for the future. This also helps in removing the tensions within.
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    Good posting. Everyone should think about their daily happening at least for a minute in the night before sleeping. If we do like this, the mistakes what we did during the day helps to correct and the success stories faced by us in the day will make pleasure. Our Spiritual Guru used to say that 'Self realization is God's realization'. If we start thinking about our life, we definitely understand what we are and for what we have come to this earth.

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