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    Saturn transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 19th Dec and stays there for 3 years !

    Out of the Nine planets in the solar system, we always fear for the Saturn or Shani grah which can give bad period and also good moments for the Rasis depending on its constellation position. If from your Raasi , Saturn is placed at 3 rd place, then the fortune will be average to good, if the Saturn is placed at the 6th place from your Raasi, then the fortune it can give would be great, when the Saturn is placed at the 11th position from your Raasi, then the incumbent will have bounties from the saturn and that would be continuing for 3 years. So take our your respective horoscopes and know how you fare these three years . For me Kataka Raasi it is going to be great period.
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    Mohan ,
    Mr. Saturn stays in a zodiac only for 2.5 years, not 3 years. Shani takes 30 years to complete a circle around the Sun. Dhanush (Sagittarius) is the zodiac of Jupiter. It is the 7.5 Shani period for all those born in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

    Shani is like Chief Justice. He will do justice to all. Permanent assets are acquired during this period only. If anyone buys an immoveable property during the Shani's 7.5 years period, they stay permanent for many generations. That property cannot be disposed off easily.

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    It is true Saturn will remain in a Zodiac Sign only for 2.5 years only. The total cycle is 30 years. Whether Saturn will do good or bad can't be generalised The effect will more dependent on your individual horoscope. What is your individual chart says is more important. The position of Saturn in your individual chart, the position with respect to your lagna and the other Graham's which are seeing this saturn and what are the Graham's in the Kendra and Konas will decide whether Saturn will be good or bad. One thing is true that we need not think that Saturn will always do bad only. There are many good examples in which Saturn has done very good to individuals.
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    As per astrology, Venus(Sukran) and Saturn(Shani) are givers. They are the providers of wealth to the individual provided everything is in order. Whatever Shani gives, stays permanent, and whatever Venus gives stays temporary only. So we should worship Shani to get the best from him. Remember members, Shani's palm cannot be greased for favours.

    @ My Lagna is Leo(Simha). My Zodiac is Virgo(Kanya). Saturn(Shani) will be in its fifth house from my Lagna, and in the fourth house from my Zodiac. What will be the Saturn effect for the next 2.5 years? Can any expert astrologer from ISC predict my next 2.5 years?

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    Though theoretically Saturn will be in a Rashi (Zodiac0 for 2.5 year, it takes more than that sometimes because there can be a retrograde motion to the previous zodiac at times .Then after remaining in the retrograde again it will move forward.
    By the way, Mohan, I am not aware of any regular transit of Saturn at this time . It may be retrograde. Please verify which Panchang was referred?

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    For every body's information this time the Saturn will stay for 3 years and not 2,6 years.
    K Mohan
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    Saturn' s period can be excellent also. Actual effect of Saturn transit will depend on combinations of many factors .

    Theoretically Sade Sathi or the 7 ½ year malefic period of Saturn can occur to a maximum of three times in one's life.

    There is Tamil naming in this regard.

    The first time the Ezharai Sani occurs is called 'Mangu Sani'- dull Sani. This will be in the young stage. Progress in Education, job etc will be dull and delayed. The second occurrence is 'Pongu Sani'-Rising Sani. The person will rise or progress in his life during this time. Even if there will occur high spending, that will be for good, happy and auspicious matters only.The third one(if occurs) will be only in the old ages. That is called 'Marana Sani'. The person's life can end during the period.

    However the precise effects and its potency will depend on the relative positions and combination of various elements in the person's horoscope or natal chart and their transit positions.

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