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    Are we very selfish.

    These days everyone is busy with their own goals and achievements. Everybody aims very high. In the process of achieving their own goals they are behaving more selfish and not bothered about others. If there is a chance we get benefitted we never think of other's loss. We should be on top . Our children should get first rank. Our children should get good government job. These are the aims. We don't bother if others are getting lost because of our acts. This has become the order of the day. But do you feel that as human beings we should also think about fellow human beings. Learned members can share their views and thoughts on this issue.
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    Not all of us are selfish. Yes, we are busy. A mother is busy looking after her children, she goes to sleep only after all have reached home. She washes and cooks for them. Is she selfish? Is the head of the family who spends the whole day in the office selfish? is the brother who helps his sister in her work selfish. Family members work for each other, sacrificing for something or other. We do not care about people who are not related to us.
    Yes in a race where we need to achieve or accompanlish something we become selfish. Jealously and selfishness are seen at work places and even among neighbors.
    Few years back a neighbor would come and enquire about the family members and the same would be reciprocated. Today we do not know who is our neighbor. They are bothered about themselves .If there is a trouble and help is needed, one should not expect from others.

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    Most of us are selfish to a certain point, whether we like it or not because it is one of the driving force. The degree to which we are selfish varies with many stopping when others are getting affected and some moving on selfishly without any regard for others. In the modern world many things are done with a selfish intent, hiding facts, misinformation, favouritism, pulling strings, changing allegiances are all part of this process. But what is the point of having everything in life and not thinking about others to whom life has been unkind. We also need to help others to an extent that we are comfortable with. We would have seen selfish people in life and realised that people do tend to look down upon such people rather than appreciating what they had achieved by being selfish. In sports, within teams, there would be numerous examples of people who selfishly put themselves first, instead of the team.

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    Human beings are actually self-centered. But this does not mean that we do not value people. Some people are very selfish and they just want to get their job done.
    Some people are just very busy in their ambitions, that they keep ignoring others and try and maintain distance. They do this to accomplish their mission. Because they do not want to allow any kind of distraction from their goal. So, they try to remain reserve most of the times.
    Selfishness is not good and thinking only about oneself and one's own family always will not help. There needs to be cooperation in order to survive. We all live with the support of each other. We all help each other in need. Being selfish will only make you stay away from the world, in that case, nobody will help the selfish person.

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    Live and let others life were the attitude of previous era and now the selfish motives are the order of the day as everyone has to rush in their life to grab the attention, to grab the lime light and ultimately the performer of great excellence. But what I feel that those who are great performers with books, are very bad at the behaviour of themselves in the society. They does not know the basic etiquette, they wont know how to respect the elders and ultimately they also fail to impress during Interview times after they get immensely qualified. So what is the use of good education without the basic knowledge of life.
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    The Maslow's theory of self-actualization best answers this problem. Every person wants to progress in the life. There will be some basic needs which require the immediate attention of a person. The basic needs are air, water, food, and shelter. The air which we breathe and the water we drink are available in nature free of cost. We have to earn money for food and shelter. In order to fulfill the basic needs, a person behaves in a selfish manner. Once the basic needs are satisfied, the person's attention turns towards the need for the love and belonging. The individual raises a family of his own, cultivate friendships at the workplace and the society around him. Once these are satisfied, an individual craves for recognition and respect in the society. The individual tries to satisfy these needs of esteem by social service and other activities. Once the esteem is satisfied, individual aims for self-actualization. Self-actualization is the level where the individual wants to achieve something which is to his or her full potential. Some people may go the spiritual way and some others pursue their hobbies and talents.
    People initially be selfish to fulfill their basic needs and then only they try to reach higher levels where they can be of use to the humanity.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Yes,today we all in the name of urgency, modernization we focus only ourselves and become very selfish. In roads whatever may be the traffic we should go fast. For this we blow horn continuously without a bit of patience or we tend to move out two wheeler over platform.
    When a school bus or city bus dropping passengers, the vehicles landing backside blow horn without patience . These are all just our selfishness.

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    There is difference between selfish and self-centered.
    Actually selfish is good.
    For example,
    You are giving food to starving children. You want there to be no starving kids so that you won't feel bad. You give money to make a difference which makes you feel better. The thought of a kid eating food you helped make you feel good .So you are selfish!
    So it is good to be selfish.

    You take a piece of candy from a baby.
    You don't care about anything else except that you are now happy that you have candy to eat. You don't care who it affected. You don't care about the result of your actions because you are now happy.
    Self-centered is not good.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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