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    What can be done now?

    A situation.
    In a south bound express train from Mumbai, in a 2SL compartment, a young couple from extreme north of India and an old couple from southIndia were travelling. The young couple have occupied the upper berths and the old couples the lower berths. Since it is December, the weather was very chill. At 0100 hrs, the old couple switched off the fans as it was providing more chilled air. The other passengers on the middle berths and side berths did not object. But the North couple on the upper berths objected and insisted to have the fans ON. Despite the explanation from the old couples and other passengers, the northern couple wanted to have the fans ON as they were uncomfortable without fans. There was a severe argument.

    What could be the solution to this problem? Think it over, and post your views and comments.
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    Mr Sun, is it a fiction? If not, you are requested to give the source of your information as the thread is specifically related to the attitude of a couple from a particular area.
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    I have altered the text not to create any controversy.

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    Oh! People are so sympathetic to ''a couple from a particular area''! I fully believe Mr. SuN. There may be many such people/passengers (from each and every area) who don't bother about other people/co-passengers.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    This type of mismatch happens many times. People who are habituated to certain type of climate may find it difficult to face an extremely opposite ambient environment.

    Irrespective of who comes from where, the natural humane reaction should be, to give priority to the comforts and convenience of children, elder people and women in that order. While extreme warm condition is difficult to tackle, cold conditions can be taken care by proper clothing and blankets. December nights are not extreme warm in travel between Mumbai towards south. Hence the young couple should have easily acceded to the needs of the old people.
    Moreover when the shut off fan is okay to all except the young couple, it means that they should adjust so that maximum people are put at ease.

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    This thread is purposely brought out to show the north Indians down . 618754 response say it all when the author saying that he altered the text what one could guess more? I would like to ask Sun that which part from those people belonged to who were occupied middle and side bearth ? I would not surprised if Sun reply saying they were South Indians. Obviously that is why he didn't mentioned there particular zone.
    However, I would like to mention here that top bearth are the place where hardly there is ventilation even if it is there it is not enough. So it is not a big deal if they were feeling uncomfortable. Secondly, how much chill is very much chill is varied by people to different zone. In Mumbai 20* is chill while in Northern part the very chill literally means very chilled when you need no less than fire to keep you warm.

    Also with my great regards to those old couple. When they know they have to travel in night in running train they could have carried enough good blankets . More over there are three fans runs two slightly titled towards upper bearth and one is straight facing down. If the straight fan should have been kept off and two other fan kept running , I think the dispute would have been solved.

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    Let's forget extreme north or south of India. At places of common use or sharing resources, it is basic etiquette to adjust and heed the request of elders or women and children, this is done commonly by many of us, offering a seat to an elderly, moving a little to give space for a child, giving way to a senior citizen to cross the gate or enter a place etc. I don't think we need to reach too much into the temperatures each one is used to. if there is a request to help elders, we should be able to accommodate it not because of their geographic location but because of their inability to adapt to such conditions. Sometimes personal choice, a preconceived bias and preferences make us do things that we normally wouldn't do. Would be interesting to know how the dispute as resolved.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I was thinking whether the scenario would have been any different if the young couple on the upper berth were from the South and the old couple from the North. Attitudes are individual in nature, though certain basic characteristics can be attributed to the culture of certain areas and so, to categorize a section of the people based on some rare instances need to be avoided in the larger interests.
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    An Editor has graciously deleted my previous response, where I advocated shifting of the uncooperative couple to other coup with the help of TTE or by some other persuasive method, probably because shifting of couple to other coup causes violation of ISC Forum policy . In this connection, I would like to clarify that even if the adamant couple is from any other place, my suggestion would be the same.
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    Let's keep in mind that hot air rises. So, occupants of the top berth would experience more heat than those in the lower berths.

    I would not have brought this up, since, in my eyes, every citizen is an Indian, However, it is the author who has placed Indians into categories, based on regions. I am of the opinion that the elderly couple in the lower berths forgot the basic tenet of being Indian. 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. They should have treated the travellers to their Southern state as an 'atithi' and ensured that their travel was comfortable.

    There is also the fact that the fan speed and its angle can be adjusted. The speed of the fans could have been lowered and turned towards the couple sleeping on the top berth.

    The elderly should have come prepared for the journey. Being elderly does not mean that one inconveniences others. Switching off the fan was not the solution – an altercation would have ensued because the elderly couple would have deemed it their birthright to be able to switch off the fan. When one is dealing with strangers, it is better to explain ones position and make a request, instead of making arbitrary decisions to suit one's self.

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    Partha, let us be responsible and not be guided every time. You know very well why your response was deleted; taking a dig may satisfy you but be true to yourself.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Everyone knows the basic of giving preferences to elders, women and children. It is not that only South Indians know it better. But when people were categories one has to be unbiased while commenting it. Here in this thread the zone of people could have easily avoided to bring out such topic which is purposely not done and it clearly show the main intention of the author.

    Recently one of knowledgeable member had asked advised me in one thread quoting Indira Gandhi's words - don't shed blood, shed hatred. I am surprised that why the same intentions are not shown to tell this author?

    Above all when such topics in which purposely trying to insult a zonal people are allowed the respected editors should know that the reply too would be unpleasant. Hence instead of deleating members post they must delete such thread. When one is throwing mud to another zonal people are allowed then the response also should be allowed. This one way rule should not be made to provide preference to some particular zone members.

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    Your words "There is also the fact that the fan speed and its angle can be adjusted. The speed of the fans could have been lowered and turned towards the couple sleeping on the top berth."

    Sorry to tell you that the fans fitted in 2SL compartment are permanent, and their direction cannot be changed/altered/adjusted and speed cannot be increased or decreased.

    Other members,
    Please do not think that I have posted this thread to degrade or insult the people of any region of India, but to tell about the varying climates and the adjustment/understanding of the people travelling in a train/bus. While the people from the extreme north can tolerate severe cold, people from south cannot.

    Even in buses, we can experience such problems in closing the window shutters.

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    Nowadays the fans in railway compartments are fixed and the direction can't be changed.

    I have read the original thread of Mr. SuN and the changes he made later. I feel that that was a genuine situation and the thread has not been raised to mock any particular community.

    The solution which I provided is applicable for any adamant passenger, irrespective of the region he/she belongs.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    There is only one solution to this problem that comes to my mind is shifting one couple either the young couple or the old couple to another place so that the problem will get adjusted. In another coup, there may be people who don't want fan they can be shifted to the top berths of this coup and these two young people can be shifted to another place. The same way we can shift ole people also. This can be done only with the help of TTE only. So the travellers have to go and present the problem to TTE and ask him to arrange for a shift. The fan speed and direction on the train can't be changed. Either put it on or off. No other facility.
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    I was the person on the middle berth. I requested the upper berth guy to come down to middle berth to be comfortable without a fan, and I went up. His understanding good lady said she was comfortable without fan. We all could go to peaceful sleep at 0300 hrs.

    Thanks for your good responses.

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    So, Mr SuN, why did you try to confuse the issue? Why did you try to spread a story with a real life situation by putting in your creative mind to a negative use? I must say that it was not in good taste and not at all acceptable. I am locking this thread with the hope that you will henceforth use your creative bend for positive purposes. And, with reference to your thread and the response at #618863, I am reducing your points as a penal measure. Jokes and fun should have some boundaries.
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