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    "Respect is something which we have to give and take."

    Everyone wants to be recognized and respected in the society. The respect we command depends upon the manner in which we behave, the manner in which we react to others and the respect which we give to others. Giving respect does not mean simply addressing others in a respectful manner but the loving and humane manner in which we interact with them. We may not be using the same way of addressing to all the people. The way in which we understand and react to them shows the respect. There is no point in lamenting that the others are using disrespectful words about them as long as they do not respect the others. Respect is always a give and take policy. Some people have the habit of talking disrespectfully of others with the sole aim of disgracing them. There is always a polite way expressing one's disagreement with others. The only way to command respect is first to learn how to respect the others.
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    A good thread
    To respect others in what they believe can happen only if we understand where our world view came from and the depth of our understanding.
    The use of sarcasm, disrespect, ridiculing others only shows our own lack of depth and reveals to others the level of our defensiveness. This shows lack of tolerance and closed heart.
    It is always good to study those who have beliefs that are different than ours, as well as those we may think that go against what we believe in.By doing this we learn to listen to others and also develop ways of responding that does not lead to further alienation.
    We tend to judge our own religion, faith, political lineage with the best and judge those outside of our system of belief with their worst. This leading us to darkness. "Beware the man of one book" is a wise saying.
    Keep the mind young and flexible; keep the heart open and humble. The more we learn the more we learn that we don't know.

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    Respect is a very important human trait. Every human being deserves respect. We should respect each other. It should come from the heart. Respect should not be just a show-off.
    We should respect our elders. But yes, we should respect every person either that person is younger or older than you.

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    After reading this thread my thoughts ran to a great behaviour of grand mother with her grand children. I used to watch her with great interest how she conveys and play with them. She used to give respect to the grand children as if elders and never call them by name. Such a lovely way of behaviour has inculcated good habits in those child and even today they are grown up and have the old mannerism taught by the grand mother who was no more. So giving respect and taking respect has to be firmly and properly learned at the young age itself and parents should not call the children by their pet names and that will give more room for degrading respect. And never allow children to intervene with the parents and others in the home are in quarrelling mood . Because children learn the bad things fast than the good things. So it all depends totally on the home and their people who respect the young ones and they convey the same in future to others.
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    The right topic raised by the author. This is lacking in recent generation. Even I find many speak very disrespectfully to others thinking they are great. First, we have to respect public transport employee's like the auto driver, cab driver, Bus driver, and conductor. I usually find people don't even use plural form to them while speaking. They just randomly talk in singular form and treat as some ignorant. I personally believe that we should at least speak in plural form to anybody who ever is elder to your age even if they're our housemaids. Respecting others always gives a picture of your behavior.

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    Every person should learn to respect others. How you expect others to respect you the same way others will also expect. That is why people say "Give respect and Take respect." Respect is that which can't be taken by demand from somebody. It has to be earned by the individual with his attitude, behaviour and nature. When you talk in a very polite manner to others they will also talk to you in the same manner. Alone talking politely is not sufficient, when a learned person comes to you-you should treat him as he deserves. Always better to use respectful words than using bad words. If you notice anything Good in the other person take that and respect him for that. If you see some bad in other person don't worry about it and leave it to his understanding. Don't criticize people unnecessarily. The greatest respect you can give to a person is not talking bad about him in his absence with anyone.
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    A nice thread, respect is something that should come spontaneously. It should not come by demand, because of fear or money. Our behaviours, our acts, our language we use during discussions and our good nature will command respect from others. It is very easy to be disrespectful to people especially, if they are our subordinates, poor staff and people who ask for help. Being respectful to others needs a mature mind, a balanced approach to life, humility and a caring nature for the fellow human being. Being rich, powerful and influential often brings a false kind of respect that is filled with fear and lacks sincerity. As we except to be respected, we should also be respectful in using words and when we are in the company of others. I also find that it is one of those qualities that comes from within and it enhances the profile of the person in the society.

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