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    Are the Cricket and Film Celebrities showing any responsibility towards the society?

    The main sources of entertainment for the people of India are films and cricket. They enjoy the patronage of the majority of the people. There are many celebrities in these two fields who earn crores of money per year. Apart from the money earned for working, they get lots of money from sponsoring products and advertisements. They are all, what they are, because of the people's love and patronage. They have a duty towards the society which made them famous and rich. Are they doing anything in return for the society? The instances of such responsibility to the society are very few. There are many industrialists and individuals who are contributing to social activities. Why not these people? Except for the occasional appearances in public functions, they do not do much to the level which they can. I think it is time for them to realize and act accordingly.
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    Many film-stars take part in many social service activities. Some do it for publicity, and some do it because their conscience pricks them. I know many film-stars in Bengali and Assamese film-dom engage themselves in charity work and social service. But they are not well-known to people of other regions. So, I am going to name two Hindi film-stars who work regularly for social causes. They are Nana Patekar and Akshay Kumar. Nana Patekar is involved in many social activities. His work for the drought-affected people of Maharashtra is well-known among the people who are in this field. Akshay Kumar has also done great service for soldiers and their families as well as para-military personnel.

    Similarly, among the cricketers, Gautam Gambhir has been working for armed forces personnel outside the glare of publicity.

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    It is true that many celebrities are not coming forward for helping the people in need. When NTR and ANR were in their peaks they used to go for a walk and get donations for the cyclone affected people. They have done it two or three times. They even announced some personal donations also for good cause. But that kind of events are coming down now. The celebrities are always busy in getting their wealth accumulated. In Cricket Sachin has adapted some villages and trying to create good infrastructure in those villages. Similarly Mahesh Babu, Prakash Raju also doing something. But it is very less. Many people are not coming out and trying to help the poor or for general social upliftment. The industries doing certain things as it has become mandatory under CSR. Still, more can be done by these VVIPs and celebrities who are getting all the support from the public.
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    Agree with the title of the thread, in fact any individual who gets super rich and tops the list of the richest men and women of the country should be responsible to the society but this would only be voluntary and some may be doing it without others knowing about their charity work. There are many areas that they can focus on, the problems in the city or locality they were born in, the issues of their fans and families of fans, poor people working along with them in the same industry for field, imparting education and setting up educational institutions for the poor. Recently during the Chennai floods, many film starts from the South India unified and lent their help to the needy people. Mr.Suriya (actor) has an educational foundation - Agaram foundation. Vijay, another popular actor has an active fan base and often has monthly welfare activities for the poor by providing useful equipment to poor people. I'm sure there would be many such people doing it, it's just that we would not be aware of it.

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    Most often the celebrities of sports and film Industry are working for their own prosperity and they become famous from the over all support of their fans but in return they give nothing. Except few many are not even caring for their fans who respond in their social media accounts. The celebrities fear that if they start caring the fans and public or involve in the social services, then they have the risk of loosing what ever they earned. But they fail to understand by doing social service they get more attracted to the public and that will bring them more name and fame which cannot be stolen by other celebrities. When few years back Cuddalore was battered with Tsunami and many lost their lives and homes, a film actor from Mumbai stayed there and constructed permanent homes for the affected and thus this great work was done without even knowing to media. That means some celebrities are doing good work but not known to us.
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