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    Are we the prisoners of our own thoughts?

    Human beings have unlimited emotions which travel with our thoughts. Our thoughts decide our actions. Sometimes the thoughts that we perceive are not for our own benefit. But we follow those thoughts as actions against us and become imprisoned due to it. Our own thoughts disturb our peace.

    We are the prisoners of our own thoughts, be it good or bad. When it is good, we have a positive impact on it, and there is no worry within us. But when the thoughts are not right and are distracting or confusing, we try to go with it, because as per our consideration, what we are thinking is right, so we tend to absorb it. This gives us disappointment.

    Some people have worry absorbed in their blood. It keeps striking them even at good times. Such people need good counseling to remove the worry from their mind and enjoy the happiness with peace. The compulsion to follow our own rules make us prisoners of our own thoughts. It is not a hard and fast rule to follow it if your mind goes against it, let it go. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Be free and let your thoughts fly with peace and contentment in your heart and surroundings.
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    Nicely said by the author. Yes our thoughts make us big, average or great. If the thoughts are good, we are immensely benefited with good number of followers and friends even. But if our thoughts are bad , then there are every chance of even present friends abandoning us.Here we also take care that we should come under the influence of outside forces and people and ape their thoughts , sometimes that will also bring us bad repute and bad name. Good thoughts would always be in our mind if we are moving with peer group and with good people who have already cast their spell with their good characters.
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    Yes. Thoughts travel faster and light and changes faster than whether.
    Overthinking becomes a mental disorder before we know. Waking up in the middle of the night, finding it hard to breathe, sweating profusely; just because you're overthinking about issues.
    And, imagination is a powerful tool if you use it correctly.
    We start imagining about the possibilities before even starting to work. These adverse possibilities scare us and we surrender before the start.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Author has beautifully expressed about human thoughts. I think yes we are prisoners of our thoughts because sometimes when people know that they are doing wrong they still continue it. For them, any counseling will not work. So according to me, it's up to us whether to be a prisoner of our thoughts or free from such bad thoughts. I always believe that where there is will we can definitely find a better way.

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    A good thread. Appreciations to the author. I agree that we are prisoners of our thoughts. We act according to our thoughts every time. If we think about issues in a positive way the result will be positive and the thoughts are negative the results will be on the negative side. That is why in my childhood days my parents told not to think bad about any issue. You work with a hope of winning. Then you will be successful We know that what we are thinking is wrong sometimes but we can't control those thoughts but they control us. Elderly people always say don't think in a negative way. If you are getting any negative thoughts about particular work, try to postpone that work and concentrate on some other work. This is the lesson taught to me by my parents. But sometimes even though I know that my thoughts are not correct I can't stop those thoughts. In such case, I stop thinking that subject and go for another issue.
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    In the human mind, if anything can be close to being infinite, it would be the number of thoughts and dreams, these can be innumerable depend on the person,the time frame and the circumstances. Just a simple act like the current/power going off in the night, a dog barking/howling in the dead of the night can set of a train of thoughts that are not controlled. Such rapid thought process builds up quickly with various ramifications and become a monster that disturbs our concentration, our peace, our joy and our touch with realism. It is difficult for the human mind to have a grasp on such thoughts, only thing we can do is cultivate the habit of having good thoughts rather than bad worrying thoughts. Negative thoughts gradually erode the confidence and clarity that one has in life, it leads us down the path of self destruction and we should avoid this.

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