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    Wearing body warmers or sweaters make you to see as weak person in others eyes ?

    When I was talking to my close friend on the subject of sudden chillness in Hyderabad and that prompted many to have extra cover on their body with body warmers or sweaters so as to beat the cold weather condition. For that he replied that by wearing such things , we send wrong signals to others that we are weak in our health and he wont like to wear though he feels the cold. Is that so ? Should we dress for the others or for our need. We have to protect our body from extreme weather conditions and for that there cannot be reservations.
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    If they are not taking proper precautions against the cold weather, their health will get affected. It is important to wear sweaters and mufflers around the ears is very important to protect us from cold waves. Otherwise, we get cold and cough immediately. Others may think you are weak. OK, let them think. There is no problem. it is your body and it is your health. Nobody can come and cure the problems immediately. So why should we worry about others? If it is not required for you and if you think you don't get affected by this cold wave don't wear. If it is required use them. It is you, who has to decide. We can't think of other's comments for our actions. We have to decide what we require and what not. I can withstand more cold weather than my wife. She uses a sweater but I don't.
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    I don't think there should be any thoughts about being perceived wrongly or weakly. In the cold weather dressing up appropriately to avoid catching a cold or a chest infection is important. If this means wearing a sweater or cap with a shawl, there's nothing wrong. We should not think about what others would feel about us for such things. They are not going to come to our rescue if we fall sick and we can't also blame them if we fall sick without wearing sweaters. We always put on the sweaters for our children who leave home by 7:30 AM in the morning, when there's the air is certainly chilled in the mornings. We should not hesitate in such matters and nobody would seriously question us or pass comments, yes, they may joke a couple of times but nothing serious. I've seen people wearing one thin and one thick sweater for morning walks while others come only in a T-shirt, it's an individual choice also.

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    Some people are like this, you are correct. They really hesitate to take precaution measures for others. This is not correct as we should see our health to some extent. Wearing sweater, socks, muffler etc., in the winter season is good only. We should make our children also to use them particularly when we are moving outside in the winter season. Also we should make up ourselves to drink hot water in the winter season especially though it is advised by Ayurveda doctors to take hot water always for a better health.

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    I had been thinking like that in my youth days. But after suffering many times from cold and cough from exposing to the humid or cold weather, I slowly started to protect myself, let people think whatever they want. I cannot tolerate the early morning chilly wind hitting at my ear and throat while travelling . I easily get throbbing headache, throat pain and nose block. Most people keep the window glass open and enjoy that. But to protect myself,nowadays I cover my ears by wrapping my handkerchief.

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