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    Today is the 135th birthday of Max Born, the father of Quantum Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics was introduced in the Physics curriculum of all major universities of the world since 1930s. Without Max Born's development of Quantum Mechanics, today's modern world would perhaps not have been the same. It is a branch of Physics which studies matter at the smallest possible form.

    Max Born is considered the father of Quantum Mechanics. He was born on this day (11th December) of 1882 at Breslau. Breslau was at that time part of Germany, but now it is included in Poland. He got his PhD from prestigious Gottingen University and taught Theroetical Physics there. However, on the eve of World War II, he emigrated to Britain and started teeaching at University of Edinburgh. He got Noble Prize in Physics in 1954.

    Google has very appropriately created a Google Doodle in the memory of Max Born, the father of Quantum Mechanics.
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    The quantum mechanics is a revolution in physics and it has changed the total scenario of understanding of materials. it is good to note that today is the birthday of Max Born, the father of Quantum Mechanics. It is his 135th birthday. It is great to remember this man on his birthday. Thanks to Google for creating a Google Doodle on this day in memory of that great scientist. We all should pay our tributes to this man on the occasion of his 135th birthday.
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    Yes in the morning I also came across the Doodle dedicated to Max Born's development of Quantum Mechanics and I believe this subject is connected to material Engineering.
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    Glad to hear about the honor from Google dedicated to the father of Quantum mechanics. This morning, I was wondering why is this gentleman straching his forehead with a trident, maybe he's thinking a lot. He was nominated for the Nobel prize by Albert Einstein. quantum mechanics have helped in the development of lasers, personal computers and medical imaging (MRIs).
    Another legendary figure, Robert Koch, Noble prize winner and founder of modern bacteriology also shares his birth remembrance on 11th Dec.

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    So, tell me again why he's scratching his head with a trident? A trident isn't always a good thing in Western culture. You-know-who often carries one. Or is there some harmless association?

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    ''You-know-who often carries one''- Does Lord Voldemort carry a trident? As far as I know he carries a serpent named Nagini.

    But in this post, we are not discussing Lord Voldemort or Harry Potter, we are discussing birthday of Max Born, the father of Quantum Physics.

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