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    Perception can differ, so verify and accommodate each other’s views.

    This has reference to this thread and a locked thread about pipe key.

    The threads had two views on the same matter. Each author has their right to stick to their stand, because both are right and truthful as per the proof with them.

    Juana explained what a pipe key is and showed by photo where it is found in her keyboard. True and we have to accept that.

    Sun said "..I have only slash(\).." and that "Pipe key is generally not found on the modern keyboards. ".
    Sun also added subsequently that "I went wrong with my pipe key that looks like a semi colon due to wear and tear, and I never used it."
    Sun has not gone wrong.He presumed it to be so. Here is the Justification.

    I quote from a web site

    "Alternatively referred to as a vertical bar, the pipe is a computer keyboard key "|" that is two vertical lines above one another and commonly looks like a full vertical line. . This symbol is found on the same United States QWERTY keyboard key as the backslashkey." UNQUTE. (ref:

    The photo of the keyboard highlighting the pipe as given in the website page is attached.

    In my keyboard also pipe-key is two small lines which may appear as semicolon on a cursory glance. It is paced just above enter key and to the left of back space key.

    I understand from my search on this matter that UK keyboards have the pipe key exhibiting a 'broken vertical bar' (broken pipe symbol)which may be mistaken as colon. I US keyboards, it is shown as vertical line .Both are on the key having the backslash also.

    Let us take the information behind both versions and be thankful to them.
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    it is a good post. Perception of a particular issue differs from person to person. Everyone will have their own understanding. I don't find any wrong on this issue. The people should understand the other's point of view also and should accommodate them also. It is acceptable by all means. The advantage with this ISC is that we can share our views openly and we will get more updates from other posts of other members. We will get more educated with the posts.
    always confident

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    Normally general issues are understood and not questions asked but when comes to some technical issues, the views of every member differs and their perception differs.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Beautiful post from Mr. Venkiteswaran. He has diagnosed the main cause of dispute in thee earlier thread and beautifully explained the matter. This thread now explains the matter.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Excellent sir, you have picked up such a fine point and explained that both are true and reasoned it so well that Mr.SuN was right in asking for clarifications. More than the thread, the title has a universal message that is relevant to many of us. Without referring to this background of the thread, it is important for us to hear out the person, give it a try at understanding and verifying their views and stand and then be receptive to their approach. Often we are in a hurry to put 2 and 2 together but forget that things are not as simple as that or accept that we cannot know everything about anything.

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