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    Best cbse school near to kelambakkam

    Hi i am praveen kumar from kelambakkam. i need to join my daughter in the cbse school. which is the best school in our area.
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    There are a number of renowned schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in OMR. Most schools in this area offer transportation as well, so even if they are at a slight distance on the OMR, ECR or Vandallur stretch it would not inconvenience you much. You will find a list of CBSE schools on OMR & Kelambakkam-Vandallur Road and ECR, South Chennai in the article.
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    There are many CBCE schools in and around kelambakam area.
    The good five would include.
    Hiranandani Upcale School, OMR, Chennai - international and CBSE school
    Maharishi Vidya Mandir, CBSE, afforable fees strcture.
    Gateway Internation School,Padur, have an international school and CBSE.
    PSSB siruseri school, difficullt to get in
    Velammal Vidyashram Mambakkam.

    You can also check the details on and check the individual websites and find out more information too.

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    Refer to #618911 -

    1. Hiranandani Upscale School, OMR, Chennai no longer has a CBSE division. It is a purely International School. The school did have a CBSE division previously but has done away with it.

    2. PSBB Siruseri receives a number of applications as compared to the other schools in the vicinity, as it is a branch of an old renowned school. The fee structure of the school is much lower as compared to the other CBSE schools and this attracts the parents of prospective students. Preference is given to students residing in L&T Eden Park, as the school was built as part of the Housing Complex. People are known to rent an apartment in Phase - I to get their kids admitted to the school. However, with Phase -II construction in full swing, preference is given to people who have booked apartments in the second phase. This, of course, is the rumour going around among people living in Eden Park based on how admissions have been going on. But, yes, children living in Eden Park do get into PSBB more easily. The school was after all marketed as an amenity by the builder.

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    what about Hindustan International School, Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education,Amethyst International School and st. john's school

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    The response #618942 is absolutely correct. I think, I may be able to help in getting admission in PSBB Siruseri.If the parent really want the admission there, he can go and apply, if any difficulty comes, contact me and I am very much here for help.
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    Can you please help me to get Admission in PSBB, Siruseri. How can I contact you?

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    Praveen Kumar,
    According to the forum policies I can't disclose my mobile number/id and other personal details in this forum. Email Id can be viewed in the profile page. Anyway, you have given your mobile number and I will contact you tomorrow.

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    D Praveen Kumar let me share some experiences with regards to admissions in PSBB. These are actual experiences based on discussions with my sister-in-law who is a teacher in the school's main branch in KK Nagar and friends working in the Siruseri branch and those seeking admission, in the school.

    The admission process involves submission of the application, after which parents of students who are granted admission are intimated via registered mail. A set of parents I know received no intimation and their child's name did not appear on the admission list. The school did not respond to their emails nor entertain discussions. The parents could not initiate a discussion with the authorities. Bigwigs were unable to get their child admission because the school has a clear and straightforward admission procedure and no chicanery happens. Please act judiciously. My advice to you is to apply in various schools and hope for the best. Good luck with your child's admission.

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    Praveen Kumar
    Just now, I discussed your kid's admission issue with L&T and PSBB.
    They are giving admission to only those kids residing in Eden Park or owners of the Apartments there. At the time of the admission they are verifying the Agreement of the ownership or rental agreement. I have a flat there. So I thought that I can provide you my slot there which I don't require.
    If you are more keen on this school try to rent an apartment there and try.
    Let me know your decision.

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    How can L&T help with admission in PSBB? They are two different entities.

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    PSBB School at Siruseri is sitting on the land owned by L&T.It is inside L&T's 45 acre Eden Park residential complex. When I booked the flat in 2014, they specifically asked me whether I need a seat in that School or not. After owning the flat, I am now eligible for one seat in that school which I don't want now. So I thought to give it to somebody, which they are not accepting now, saying not transferable. I know that many numbers of seats are reserved for Apartment owners.

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    Thank you for the detailed information on PSBB School, but there is one major problem, in your write-up. PSBB is not sitting on L&T land, not anymore. L&T is no longer a stakeholder in the South City Project. Earlier this year, the company sold its entire stake in Eden Park to Pragnya Group. L&T does not exist, not as far as Eden Park or PSBB are concerned. The land that the school sits on, belongs to Pragnya Group. Every apartment owner, in the residential complex, is aware of this fact. Eden Park does not exist even on L&T's official website.

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    I thought that this issue is not relevant here so I didn't mentioned it. The L&T's stake sale is not fully over. It is under hold. Birla is vehemently opposing it.They violated the ethics of business. Court has put stay on it. Many people bought the units based on the L&T brand name. The Pragya group is only an investor, no execution capability. So it is challenged in the court. These are all beyond the discussion of the subject. I do not want to go into the intricacies of the issue here.

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    hi, Great to see how helping each other can grow the community. Keep it up guys.

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    Glad to see that Neeraj is kind-hearted to help the parents. Just a word of caution/ my thoughts, Kids admission to popular schools are at times contentious with parents filing RTI as how one got an allotment and why they were denied. Transfer of seats, transfer of bookings and personal interest could be viewed by some as flouting existing norms and can attract adverse publicity to the ISC. We should be lending a hand in helping people but beyond that speaking to authorities, although we are doing it in good intention can be viewed by some a being done for personal gain. Whatever help we offer should not have room for misinterpretation or come back to haunt the person offering and the person receiving.

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