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    Will a team or an individual win the matches?

    Many people will always be telling that I have done this or done that, even though it is a result of a team. Many matches are won by the collective effort of a team but not an individual. An individual may be contributing more to the victory, but the other players also should contribute and perform. Then only the match will be won. In a cricket match, batmen have to bay well, bowlers have to bowl well and fielding should be good. Then only the team can win. The best performer may get the man of the match award, but it is not that he only played the entire show. The same way any victory will be a team victory only even though one or two individuals excel. Members, do you agree?
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    Well every Individual performance matters but ultimately it is the team wins and every one gets the name and pride. However in cricket there are ample scope for Individual performance and in many matches single player has taken the match to his stride and won the game. That is the reason being so man of the match and man of the series award are given to recognise the Individual performances. Never a player should play for his records and not concern to team he plays and thus such players are keenly watched by the selectors and they are being given dressing down to work for the team success and not building Individual scores.
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    It is always the team that wins match with individual contributions worth mentioning. What is a team, it's a bunch of people who have varied skills related to a particular subject or event. Some may be masters of a particular task, some may be jack of all and master of none, some may be workhorses or a leader who holds the team together. Yes, individuals can shine alone but it is always, the win for the team that makes it a success. We have lost many cricket matches where in an individual would have shined with his brilliance but the team would have lost. On the other hand we have many wins wherein no single person has made a spectacular contribution but every player just chipped in his average work. This is the beauty of team work, we don't need extraordinary performances but we need reliable performances from all in the team. When the team is on a downhill course, then the importance of individuals become more meaningful.

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    It is always a team's effort which helps to win the game. Even if an individual performs the best, a push is always needed from the team, to keep the spirit and others also need to perform to have the same level of observation and to maintain the winning spirit.
    When people look at the winners, they look as a team, and not as an individual contributor. It only works when there is teamwork behind.

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    I feel that success depends on teamwork. Let us take sports for example. Even if it is individual sport, at least 6-7 persons accompany a player. They include coach, assistant coach, physical trainer, personal doctor, physiotherapist, dietician, manager, etc. So, success of a player depends upon those who work behind the scene. But ultimately the individual player has to deliver.

    Similarly, in every field, success is a team-work. But an individual leader gives the initial push and final thrust.

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    The observations made by Partha are correct. Whether it is a team event or an individual event, the success depends on the efforts of everyone. Previously there were not many support specialists in a game but now we have all sorts of support to the team as mentioned by Partha.
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