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    Laugh and the world laughs with you, when you weep you are alone

    When we are happy and joyful ,friends surround us, but when are sad, or some unfortunate event has taken place, we are left alone. It is the human nature , no one wants to mingle with a unhappy person. How should we act in such circumstances especially with our near and dear ones?
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    That is the universal law of the society. There are many people who are every ready to remain beside us during our sunny days, very few/nobody are/is available during our rainy days. But almost all of us tend to forget this universal law of the society.
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    This is a well accepted concept. When we are happy and enjoying the life, there will be several friends and relatives together with us.
    They will also enjoy our goodwill and extract helps in different forms from us. But when we are in difficulties nobody will come forward to pacify us. We need not expect any help from anybody when we are in a miserable condition.
    This can be put in another manner. When we weep nobody will join us, but when we laugh everybody will laugh with us.

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    There is a popular Malyalam song,from an old movie, that literally says this message. It says that when you are laughing thousands will laugh with you; but when you weep only your own shadow will be with you.

    We have mostly fair weather friends. There will just a few who will be with us through thick and thin. They are our real friends. But when we point our fingers at others we should also make a self analysis, how we are- fair weather friends or all-weather friends.

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    Right, when we are happy we share it with people around us, we feel like we are in power.
    While when we are sad or stressed, we will not share our emotions with anyone. Also, nobody would come to share our sorrow with us. This is the truth of life.
    When we are sad, we are folded in ourselves, we are not in a state to reveal it to anyone. So, automatically we do not find our sadness worth sharing with anyone. There would some nice people who could come and ask you, and then you can try to open up to them.

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    This post reminds me the famous doha of Kabir Das " jab thak mith nahin aap mein thab thak mitr nahin koi " that means people would surround you like bees when you have position and money, and as soon as you exhaust the spending capacity, people would desert you and you are left alone. That is why time and again I was insisting that we must make such friends who are with us during every moments of our life and those are the real friends. Moreover a good friend can be gauged during travelling and if he also volunteer to spend for the expenses made, he considered to be good and be continued.
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    A true friend should stand by you when you are in problems and he should help you to come out of the woods. But many friends are not like that. They may be with you when you are happy and they will also feel happy. But when you are in a different mood nobody will stand by you.
    Generally, we are all interested in sharing our happiness with others. So we share this with others and they will also feel happy. But we may not like much propaganda for our sorrows. So we may hesitate to share with all. We may share it with a few people whom we think as our friends and we try to get relief from that sorrow. But if we are not correct in understanding the best friend, we may not get the expected feedback from those with whom we have shared our sorrow. Then only we can understand who is our true friend and who is a friend only.

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    I would disagree with this as it's not entirely true. We all hope to be joyful all the time but the real truth is that Life is a series of unequal parts of joy and sorrow sandwiched together.
    When we are happy and laughing, there are lots of people who gather around us to share our joy and some may even be envious of us within themselves. But, God forbid, when we are sad or an unfortunate event has befallen us, we have a few people who will always be around us to lend a shoulder to cry on and an arm to hold on to steady ourselves, these are true friends and wellwishers apart from family members. I think it is important for us in life to have people to laugh with us and it is even more important to have a close group of people who will be around to support us when we are crying.Moreover, when we are laughing, we'll always have people around us who may or may not be our true well-wishers.

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