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    Do you think the modern education system needs to be enhanced?

    Modern schooling is based on teaching students as per what is given in books. Students are made to follow instructions and work according to that. If the children perform well, they are considered best, but if they fail to perform, they are considered worse.
    Making children run on instructions can never make a child a good learner. Because of this criterion of learning and judging children, most of the children feel a burden of studies on their head.

    We all know different child holds different capability of learning. Everybody excels in their own field. Everybody wants to be creative in their own way. Shouldn't children be made free to study what they really want after a given span of time?
    Instructing them on every small topic or lesson will not make them learn effectively. Teachers should leave children free to expand their mind and thoughts, to explore and create more.
    Giving lectures are just no way of making the child learn, in fact, it is just the fact that we are trying to put some figures and facts into the mind of a child and asking him to mug up the words and lines. Learning happens when the mind is free, without worry.
    Learning happens with pleasure.
    You cannot study when someone is forcing you, even if you do, it will not be effective.
    In fact, schools have made it a business to educate a child the way they want, putting the burden on them. Learning happens forcefully but not by the willingness of the child. Even the small children need some healthy discussions to interact and share their thoughts with each other.

    Schools need to bring in some positive and effective changes to the schooling system as well as the teaching system. Every child is an asset to the country. Education needs a good quality improvement. What is your opinion on this?
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    I do agree that our Indian education system needs greater over hauling and the students first of all should not feel the education as a burden instead they should feel pleasure and pride to have good education. If you stand in front of any school during the morning hours, you can find many children crying not to enter inside and that shows that either the child has been terrified with the behaviour of the teacher or he could not understand the portions being taught there. Moreover our present education system are not job ready. That means after obtaining the regular degree, one has to pursue higher studies to make him qualify for the particular job and thus parents and students are made to more stress and tension . Lucky are those who got the jobs with the basic qualification and they are pursing studies while working but what about others who are going on studying and yet no jobs for them so far.
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    You have expressed your views and the need for good quality education to the children. First of all, I would like to know what changes you propose to the present education system so that the children get the quality education. Let us try to find a solution starting with you. This is a good subject and let us have a fruitful discussion on this topic.

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    Education should not produce clerks and assistants. Education should bring out the inner talents of the children and see that they will excel in that subject. Up to certain level some general education in mathematics, physical sciences and languages may be useful. Once he was given that fundamental knowledge in those fields, the teacher and parents should churn out the interest of the student by understanding him and observing his field of talent and try to give him more chances in that field to excel. If a student is having a soft ear for music and his voice is good to hear, he can be given training in that field so that he will excel in that line. This will give a boost to the talent of the student. If we force somebody to study Chemistry which will appear to the student as the foreign language, the outcome will not be good. Instead, if you ask him to study the subject in which he is showing interest he will do an excellent job there. So education should be useful to take out the inner talent of the student and allow him to flourish in that. I think this model of education is the need of the day.
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    There was a very good message I got as a forward sometime back. In a village school, the schoolmaster asks a mathematical question. If you sell 5 buffaloes for Rs 500.00 each, how much money would you have in your hands? The rank student says Rs 2500.00 and gets a pat on his back. An average student says, but Sir, buffaloes are far more expensive than that, I would not sell them. This smart kid, instead of being appreciated, is given a beating on his hands. This is more or less true with our current education.

    Many things that you have mentioned are true but it is like who will bell the cat, who will take the responsibility of assessing the above facts and it impacts on a child's education and decide do we need to change. It would be a herculean task that would need a few committees to be formed.By the time the report is ready, it would be outdated. The best thing to do is for parents to stand up to first put a stop to too many work projects and too many books to be carried to and fro, then stop assessing them on the basis on their textbook knowledge. Points or grades should be given for children based on their creativity and not on their ability to write exact answers.

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    Yes KVRR sir. There is a lot of things in which we need improvement in Education.
    1. The very first thing that is Rote learning or repeated learning that is the learning based on memorizing the contents. On this type of learning and judging the students on this basis, is not right.
    Learning should be innovative and creative to bring changes and flow of ideas.
    2. We should give equal respect to students of all streams. Be it Science, commerce or Arts or be it a BA student. But this does not happen because we consider, that if we take science we have a better career and better job opportunities as well. That makes less room for nontechnical areas like interior designing or fashion designing, artistic or even writing space.
    Because of the thoughts of having less employment in these areas, people have no option than to opt for engineering, medical or law, even if they are not interested.
    3. The concept of Practicals and theories have a big mismatch. We rely more on theoretical concept rather than practicing practical experiments or work. In spite of knowing that we need more knowledge of Practical concepts, our education system still focusses more on Theory part.

    4. Whatever we learn in our books, nothing of that sort we apply in our jobs. Whatever we learn in colleges also, it does not help in our profession. We are working on various other skills and tools, which are completely new to us. We need to focus more on developing the needed skills at an early stage and think more about it.
    5. There is more number of engineering colleges today, and most of them are just trying to make business, they do not give placements to the students. Just fake sayings that they will place the students in good companies, but nothing happens. Most of the colleges are doing business by running the educational institutions and earning profits.
    6. Teachers need to teach students with a great interest to create a good learning environment for them. They should act as good leaders for their students and should teach them a creative way of learning with an originally developed thinking.

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    1. Do not underestimate the importance of rote learning. Rote learning increases your memory capacity. How do you remember the mathematical tables which are very important in mathematics? It is by rote learning only. If a child asks you what is 9x9, You will reply it is 81. It is by memory which you acquired through rote learning only. If I ask you the meaning of"Rote learning", you will explain from memory only. Rote learning has its own importance in education. For judging the students level of understanding, there should be a scientific method of evaluation. The evaluation is done on two levels, one is knowledge and the other is the application. In the examination papers, we will have knowledge based questions which include definitions, etc., The concept based questions require comprehension. The application based questions like solving a problem which requires the application of knowledge. Definitions, we give by memory only. Concepts we have to understand and express them in our own words. Assessment of a student is not done solely by his rote learning alone but also by his ability to apply knowledge.
    2. Giving equal respect to all the streams has nothing to do with the education system. It is in our minds only. The ultimate aim of education is not only imparting knowledge but also providing an opportunity to make a living with the knowledge acquired.
    3. This is a misguided opinion. The ratio of theory to practice for different courses is determined depending upon the skills to be developed. The psychomotor skills require more practice than theory. Accordingly, for such skills, the knowledge to practicals ratio will be 20:80. For the people who work at the supervisory level, the ratio will 40:60. At higher levels it will be 60:40. The universities and technical education boards always interact with industry to update the syllabus according to the industry.
    4. In India, we have not much choice to choose the profession we like. We have to grab whatever opportunity we get. In such circumstances what we learn and what we do a job do not match. The technology is developing at a rapid pace. It is not possible to impart all the skills required at the basic level. In job training is necessary and we have to update ourselves according to the changing needs.
    5. The Government alone cannot meet the educational needs of the youth.Private participation is necessary. The private institutions are not there for charity. Their motto is cashing on the craze of the people. How can we expect them to provide placements to all? It all depends on the needs of the industry.
    6. Very good and valid point. Teaching is a two-way process. Teaching and learning should take place simultaneously for effective learning. The best from a teacher can be extracted when the students are attentive and eager to learn. The students want a good teacher. It is true that the teachers also want good students.

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    @KVRR sir.. thanks for your satisfactory responses.

    But still I feel that at various points, our educational system needs improvement.

    I am not underestimating the concept of Rote learning, but it is the fact that most of the teachers would judge the best students on the basis of writing the exact answers. Understand that this is very much needed a concept, but at universities level, it is not needed I suppose.

    But I think most of the people have this thought that whatever we are learning, we will get our jobs on the basis of that. But the actual scenario is just not like that.

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