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    Sea Plane - First ever in an election campaign by Modiji.

    Today our Prime Minister Modiji will be going for campaigning in a Sea Plane which will takeoff from Sabarmati river. As per the news reports this the first ever time a Sea Plane taking off in India. The Sea Plane will take off from Sabarmati river and land on the pond of Dharoi dam. From there Modiji will proceed by road to a temple to start his campaign. Very innovative idea by Modiji as it will serve his purpose and also help Gujarat Tourism. The Prime Minister tweeted that the Congress party cannot imagine a development work like this. Highly innovative idea to develop tourism in Gujarat by our Prime Minister. I hope the ride on a Sea Plane will rejuvenate our Modiji.
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    Our Prime Minister Modi is the great strategist well ahead of his opponents and this move also silence the critics that it will not so considered as poll gimmick and at the same time helping the Gujarat tourism to promote sea plane and also take part in election meetings there after. On the other hand Congress is confused as Rahul Gandhi goes after temples visit and his party candidates chant Allah name before starting of any campaign. So this election has clearly demarcated who is communal and who is developmental oriented. Only voters of Gujarat can give befitting reply with their votes.
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    That is an interesting information! A sea-plane from the Sabarmati River. I think this is a totally new concept, notwithstanding the campaigning, etc. Other states can also attract tourists in this manner.
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    It is good that in India for the first time Sea Plane is taking off in India. This will attract more tourists and it will be a real push to the tourism development in India. It is great that Prime Minister Modi is utilising it for the first time and it is doing two things. One is starting the seaplane. The second one is starting an election campaign.
    Modi is more a Chief Executive officer rather than a politician. A company CEO will look how every move will be useful to his company.In the same way, our PM will look into every aspect how it will be useful for the countries development. That outlook only is good for the countries development. I hope PM will prove once again in Gujarat Election that the people are behind him for the developmental works he is taken up. Let India become a developed country than always being there as a developing country.

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    It seems there is a mistake about the first Sea Plane takeoff in India today. There seems to be Sea Plane takeoff in Kerala during 2013. The operations were suspended due to the objections by the fishermen.
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    Seaplane services were introduced to Andaman island tourists in 2010, not sure what happened later. Certainly, a novel way to do an election campaign by our PM. I'm sure there would be a lot of visitors to see the seaplane taking off from the water. I think this would also be a boost to the tourism industry along the larger wide rivers and water inlets that are close to tourist spots. The images of PM in a seaplane can be used to promote Gujarat tourism also. Seaplanes were also used earlier by many postal services around the world. Will have to check whether British India postal service has a seaplane in it's fleet.

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    Seaplane venture was started in Kerala in 2013.It was mainly intended for tourism development. There was just an inaugural or test flight. The regular operations could not start as the local fishing community had their grievances and fears. Off and on reports appear in the media about reviving the venture after solving the grievances of local fishermen community in the connected places. But nothing concrete is seen happening.

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    Apparently the seaplane ride of our PM broke the security protocols of VVIPs, no Z+ category VVIP is allowed to fly a single engine aircraft. But the PMs ride is also felt in general to convey the keenness to change the way things are done.

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    What is the keenness, sir? There are certain protocols for them. They have to follow them. The Prime Minister if he is so keen to change the protocols, he should do away with all such things not only for himself but all the lawmakers. The Sea Plane is also a chartered one with a foreign pilot. After making a show with it in the campaign, now the Prime Minister says that as the airports cannot be built everywhere, this mode of traffic will be thought about.
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    Sure, none would imagine such a development and innovative idea in a political battle. Sometimes it works!

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    This was not in the original programme. When the police did not permit the road show, the sea-plane ride was arranged by Mr. Modi.

    Similarly Mr. Rahul Gandhi organised a press conference when his road show was also not permitted. He had some terrible uneasy moments in the conference as reported by Republic TV.

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    Sea Plane is an election gimmick. The permission for a road show in Ahmedabad is denied for both Modiji and Rahul Gandhi. Modiji could have gone by car or helicopter for his campaign. The BJP wanted to make a show by engaging a Sea Plane to attract voters. A cheap gimmick indeed.
    Rahul Gandhi whether he is uneasy or not, faced the press conference. Can Modiji do that? Had he ever done that after becoming the Prime Minister of Inda?

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    Frankly speaking, I don't know whether sea-plane ride by the PM is an election gimmick, or not. Only future will tell us. But I do know that tearing off an Ordinance passed by his own Government was a gimmick, which backfired on Rahul Gandhi, and he is still being ridiculed for that action.
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    Interesting information about the Sea Plane which flew Modiji from Ahmedabad to Dharoi and back to Ahmedabad. It made a stop at Karachi in Pakistan before landing in Mumbai on 03-12-2017. The Sea Plane is registered with registration numberN181KQ in the US. The trip from Ahmedabad to Dharoi and back to Ahmedabad costs Rs 4000000/ according to the transporters. The model of the plane is Quest Kodiac 100, a single-engine plane. Can we ask when Modiji is complaining about Pakistan interference in Gujarat election, how come Modiji travelled in a Sea Plane which stopped at Karachi and then came to India?
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    Parthaji, why do you jump from one unrelated point to another unrelated point? You don't even explain it in full to discuss. Where from you are getting all this information? Definitely, it is not from memory.
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    Mr. KVRR: Sir, Is it unrelated? I brought the issue of tearing off Ordinance as soon as I saw the word 'gimmick'. For this, I don't have to consult any source or any person. I still vividly remember the scene.
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    What are that ordinance and its details? How can we understand what you are referring to?
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    In September, 2013, Congress Government brought an Ordinance to save convicted legislators from disqualification. Rahul Gandhi, the then Vice-President of the party, insulted his own Government by tearing off the copy of the Ordinance in public and termed it as complete nonsense. For this act, he is still being ridiculed.

    May people thought and still think that that was an election gimmick (the Lok Sabha election was very near) which ultimately backfired.

    Let's strengthen our memory cells.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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