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    Parents become burden to children nowadays

    Parents are nurturing their children with much care in olden days. The children were also taking much care on their parents. But later the care of parents are becoming less and less on their children either because of their timelessness or their adamant. So, the children also reducing the love on parents day by day. In some cases the children become criminals also because of the lack of love or concentration from parents. We are seeing many parents are abandoned by their children into homes or roads. A news read in newspapers that a person killed his mother with hammer. Recently in KalikkaNaicken palayam, Coimbatore a son kept his mother in nearby graveyard as she become old. The mother lost her husband and second son. The elder son keep her in the graveyard and daily offer food from hotel to her. For the past three days as he did not turn up with food this old lady suffered in the winter and without food. Later the nearby people found her suffering and placed her in the nearby home. In that suffering also the old lady refused to tell her son's address. Presently parents are all very busy in their regular schedule and the children are growing on their own. So, the present day parents should make up their future without expecting anything from their children.
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    Parents should never become a burden to their children. We are all here in this place because of our parents. Today what we are is because of our parents. Whether they have taken care or not, our mother carried us in her body for 9 months before we come into this world. Our father has given us food till we are able to earn on our own. These are more than sufficient to show our gratitude to our parents. They might have abandoned us immediately after birth. They have not done it. They have not left us on streets without giving food and clothes. Is it not enough to give food and clothes to our parents when they are in need. The parents are trying to struggle more and earn more without worrying about their time and happiness. What for? What is going to happen to the left back properties after they go from this world? Who will enjoy this? So I feel no one on this earth should feel that their parents are a burden to them.
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    These are extreme instances and should not be generalized. More importantly like this example wherein the elderly mother has been mistreated by her son, there would be examples of small children being mistreated or abused by their own parents. This is a fact in the society we live in. There would be many such sad examples in the newspapers often. In real life, most children will look after their elderly parents. If they step back from this duty, it would be due to pressure from their own families, difference in sharing the duties with other siblings and monetary issues. There are few disturbed individuals (children and son/daughter in laws) who for the sake of their own greed would throw their elders out of their homes.To change this would take a long time. We are now moving towards a single child, single family concept and elderly parents are either left alone in their homes or have to share limited space with their children in the city home or apartment. I think the practical way out is to have some money that is sufficient for us to live when we become old. Instead of thinking practically, many parents emotionally write off all their life's earnings and savings in the name of children and grandchildren. Later on, some of them wake up and faced with the problem of nobody caring for them.

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    There are differences from parents to parents and children to children. A general conclusion can not be drawn based on certain instances. Parents are in a way becoming a burden. Very often during the younger days until the education is completed some parents are becoming a burden to the children. This is when the father/ mother do not allow the child how and what to study. These days we find several student go for medicine or engineering or computer based courses just because of parents' insistence. Like this the parents try to mould children as they like, resulting in a gloomy future for the children. Children must be given freedom to select their course of study and thereby to decide their future.
    In old age children must look after their parents. They should be trained in such a manner. They must be given chances to see and understand how parents are looked after, may be giving chances to visit such families. In younger ages they may be allowed to read such stories or watch such cinemas.
    Under no circumstances the parents should be illtreated by their children. If that approach is made the result will be carried over to the next generation, no doubt.


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    Children are easily distracted and influenced by the movies and they take cue from the scenes show there in and behave strangely with the parents. The recent happenings of killing parents by the children shows their frustration and not being allowed or given freedom by the parents. Some parents are towing the children too much and they are not being given the expected freedom and thus take the extreme step of eliminating them. There is no love and affection or bonding between the parents and children. One more thing the hostel life of the children are also making frustrations and want to take grudge on the parents.
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    True. It is applicable to the present generation. When our forefathers gave birth to a dozen children, they never thought that they were burden to them. They cared and nurtured them well. They gave their life to their children for their betterment. Similarly, their children too cared them during their old age. They never thought about old age home or orphanage. In this present selfish world, though the parents have a single or two, they find it difficult to manage them. Yet they take pain to care them, educate them and get them a good job. Ultimately, their children after reaching a stage, ignore their parents, and consider them as a burden in their life. Thus they send them to any orphanage or old age home. It is like kicking the ladder after climbing up. What to say! This is Kaliyug where the respect and love is lost forever.
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