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    Is it advisable for members who are not medical professionals to answer health related queries?

    This was raised by me previously also. The health-related questions in Ask Experts section are being answered by members who are not medical professionals. It is for the professionals to answer such queries if there are any. I wish members who are not professionals to refrain from responding to such queries. Sometimes the advise given by non-professionals may cause problems.
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    You do have a point. I think members should not just take info off the Net and give advice. However, as the Webmasters had once stated, we expect those who post queries in our Ask Expert section, whether related to health or otherwise, to take the due precaution of consulting a professional in the field & not rely wholly on the advice & suggestions given.

    Also, it is possible for members to give advice based on personal experience of a health problem and how they dealt with it. Obviously, other factors of the person's health need to be considered (e.g. taking medicines for another health problem) and from case to case basis, the same advice won't necessarily apply. So, again, the one who posts the query should take due precaution. Further, I have seen members clearly stating that it is necessary to consult a physician, gynaecologist, etc which is a good thing.

    At the same time, I think those who are not professionals in the field should be responsible & avoid giving the names of specific medicines. For example, when I answered the query about a frozen shoulder and the remedy for it, I neither mentioned the tablets I was prescribed nor the ointment. After all, any tablet should be taken only on a doctor's advice & not bought over the counter just because somebody said it was the best. Similarly, a particular ointment prescribed for me may not be suitable for somebody else if that person has skin allergies.

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    I accept the reply given by Vandana as very apt. We should not prescribe a specific medicine by reading the post. Even a qualified doctor also will not do that. With our own experience or some information obtained from our parents and elderly people, we may be able to give some suggestions. At the same time, we should caution the person who posted the question to consult a qualified doctor. Generally, I am also answering these questions. I will never prescribe any name of the medicine. But some ayurvedic medicines which are used for common problems and which are not harmful can be suggested which are very true ayurvedic and will not have any side effects. This also can't be given for very specific serious problems. Once I answered a question regarding Homeopathic treatment after consulting my uncle who is a qualified homoeopathy practitioner. This point also was mentioned in my answer.
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    The other day, I have seen some members trying to interpret the Echo Cardiogram. It is purely for the medical professionals that too who specialized in Cardiology. Such queries should not be answered by non-professionals. Whatever cautionary messages are given, I feel it is good not to attempt or even admit such questions in the Ask Expert section.
    I do not mean to hurt any member. This is just my opinion.

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    Glad, you raised this thread, people post questions on ask the experts and once answered, the person reading the answer can come back to quote us as the so called expert. Even though being qualified to answer these queries. I always DISCOURAGE people from asking and taking such opinion on face value. I think it is up to each member to be very clear when replying to first quote that our views are NOT to be considered as the only one. You have to see a specialist.

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    Though the author's view is good it is human in all of us to tell like a doctor. Not only now. There is a story in Akbar Birbal's story collection. Once for an idea Akbar asked Birbal what professionals are high in his reign. Birbal without thinking replied him 'doctor'.Astonished King asked how he told like that. Birbal asked the King to come to the courtyard on the next day slightly limped walking and tell,if anybody asked, that slight sprain in the leg. Without questioning anything, the king nodded and went to his palace.Next day the King came out of his palace as told by Birbal. One official asked the reason and the king told as of Birbal told. He immediately told some remedial measure for that. Similarly whoever asked the king all told some remedies immediately without second though. On reaching the courtyard, Birbal asked whether he got any news on the question. King told,' I got a basketful
    advice'. Birbal replied,'that is what I told there are many medical,so called, professionals in our reign'.

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    I fully agree with Mr. KVRR on this issue. However, it is the duty of the Members not to mention any medicine for any problem. They may give some general guidance but should always conclude the questioner to visit a qualified medical practitioner for treatment. Whenever I answer such questions, I do so.

    Furthermore, I think that the Editor must add a disclaimer/footnore indicating that the Member(s) who answer(s) a particular question on medical condition is not a certified medical practitioner.

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    I agree with author and also advise from Managing Editor on the matter. Yes we are not supposed to answer the questions which are connected to professional field of medicine or doctor. But owing to personal experience and having gone through the ordeal in life which the question connects to personal knowledge on the matter, a member can respond to such questions. But again it is left to the question raiser as to how the answer was apt and how the response was right. Professional questions has to be left for them to answer and we the members are nomads in that.
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