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    What would you send me in turn?

    I hail from Tirunelveli of South Tamilnadu. My city is famous for Halwa. It is known as Halwa city. If I send some Halwa to you as a gift, what will you send me as a return gift?

    This is to know the glory of the place where you reside.

    @ Members,
    If you really wish to taste Tirunelveli Halwa, I shall send it by courier to your address. Kindly let me know your address through my e-mail ID

    This will be a true, live and sweet interaction between the ISCian hailing from different parts of our country. I wish to spend a part of my ISC earning (CC) and Google Adsense revenue through distribution of Halwa as a gift to lovely ISCians.
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    I will send Kotiah's Kaja which is famous in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Kakinada is a peaceful town on the East Coast. Give me your address so that I can send immediately.
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    In Hyderabad, the Biryani is very famous. But sending that by post is difficult. Pullareddy sweets are very famous in Hyderabad. I can send you those sweets for your taste. Palacova is very famous from Konaseema of Andhra Pradesh which is my native place. I will try to get it and send it to you if you prefer that. You can send me the address to which I can arrange the delivery. I will see that sweets will reach that address.
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    If I receive the halwa in Kolkata, I have many choices. At the first instance I will send 'sandesh' of at least twenty different varieties. From Kolkata I can send sweetmeats of at least thirty different categories.

    But if I receive the halwa in Delhi, I will settle for rabri-faluda.

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    Nice idea to know what good in each city. Bangalore is famous for its Mysorepak, Masala Dosa and bisibelebhath ( like sambhar rice but with a unique taste). It would be easier to send you Mysorepak well packed by courier, it would be difficult to send the other two. I would suggest members can try these dishes when visiting Bangalore.

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    SuN, I would send you banana and jackfruit chips. Though the same are available in TN, a special pack from Kerala would surely make a difference. You would love it for sure; especially because your better half is from this part of the country.
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    If you send me the Tirunelveli Halwa, I will send the famous Andal sweets and savories which is being prepared fresh at Anand Bagh area daily and even Dr Rao would be aware of it.
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    In return for Tirunelveli Halwa, I can send you coconut poornam (cocunut puran) made with coconut and MarayurJaggery,, Nendrakkai Upperi(salted banana chips) and Sarkara peratti ( sweet banana chips, made with jaggery).

    ( A good thread from SuN. What about Muscoth Halwa, is it from Tirunelveli?)

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    I reside everywhere!
    I love traditional Rajasthani Food, so I can provide you in return.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    The origin of Muscoth Halwa is Mudalur a village in Tirunelveli District. It is about 60 km from Tirunelveli junction. But the famous Iruttukadai (Darken shop) Halwa is from Tirunelveli town. Shall I send both the Halwas to you?

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    Mr.SuN, Iruttukadai, flags off memories for me, is it the name of the shop that is often open late in the night in old towns and big villages?.

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    The great Iruttukadi Halwa shop of Tirunelveli is owned by a North Indian family migrated to Tirunelveli many decades ago. Initially the shop was using only a dim light of 25 Watt bulb to light the entire shop. That is being continued till today. Also the design of the shop not altered. It has its own interlocking wooden planks in the front. The cubboard remains the same. Of course, the balance to measure the halwa is digital.

    There is no other Iruttukadai in Tirunelveli. Many duplicate shops took birth and seen their death. There is no branches for the shop. The shop doesn't sell its product to anyone in bulk for sale. It is only a retail shop, not wholesale. The shop opens at 1730 hrs and closes its business by 2000 hrs. This shop is located right in front of the Sri Nellaiappar temple of Tirunelveli.

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    Hello Mr. Sun,

    I live in North India basically Gurgaon. At my place, the most famous dish is also a sweet. It is called "Dhodha barfi". It is the specialty of Gurgaon. It is made up of fresh "Khoa" (Khoa is a dairy product made up of thickened milk by heating it continuously for some time.) So, I will send you this sweet. You will love the taste of it.

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    Thanks, Mr.SuN, these nostalgic places should be preserved as only who have a passion for tradition and memories will realize the value of such places that exist despite changing times.

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    Very pleased to know the return gifts from you.

    I am very sincere and serious . I would like to know who is really interested to taste Tirunelveli Halwa. I can arrange to deliver it through courier provided you e-mail your correct address to me without any fear.

    I shall e- mail my address to them to get the return gift.


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    Thank you, SuN for your readiness to send Tirunelveli Halwa. I had tasted it some thirty years ago from the same shop you referred. Very recently also I had bought Tirunelveli Halwa from the Sree Krsihna Sweets branch in Kerala.

    I wish I may get another chance to visit Tirunelveli, so that I can intimate you and get it in person from you.

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    Thanks for the offer Mr.SuN, we have to make a religious visit to the Thirchendur Murugan temple. Will contact you and hopefully we can meet you and see the Nellaiappar temple aslo.

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    Venkiteswaran & Natarajan
    Thanks. I would say that Tirunelveli Halwa may be available anywhere and everywhere in all the sweet meat shops. But the Original Iruttukadai Halwa will never be available anywhere otherthan the shop near Nellaiappar temple of Tirunelveli.

    I am eagarly waiting for the day of your arrival at Tirunelveli. I would feel it great as a meeting with Lord Vishnu and Shiva with Halwa.

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