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    Telugu - The language well appreciated.

    On 15th of this month, The State Government of Telangana is conducting world Telugu Maha Sabhalu. Many Telugu greats will be attending from all over the globe. The government is making elaborate arrangements to see that the visitors will feel at home. All Telugu People are invited to attend the meetings. Many famous personalities may attend this meeting.
    In this connection, I want to express my appreciation to the Telugu language. In India after Hindi, the second largest speaking language is Telugu. Now there are two states where the Telugu is the mother tongue. Many people appreciated the Telugu Language in their own way. The great Kannada King Sri Krishnadevaraya appreciated this language as the best language in the country's various languages. The Tamil author Subrahmanya Bharathi appreciated Telugu as a very nice and great language. Mr Nikolo Konti, an Italian praised the language as The Italian of the East. Like this, many poets from other languages praised this language in their own words.

    I wish and hope these meetings will be conducted very attractively and the unity between the two Telugu states will improve with this event.
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    Tamil Kavi Subramanya Bharathi has titled Telugu as 'Sundara Telugu' means beautiful Telugu. In one of his national integration poem he has given importance to the Telugu language . No doubt, Telugu is a beautiful language.
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    Telugu is a flowery language that when spoken eloquently is a pleasure to listen to. My knowledge of Telugu is based on just talking and seeing some movies. Great that a world Telugu meet is being held. There's an article by K. Mohan on this world conference World Telugu Conference Hyderabad on 15th December 2017.

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    Out of four South Indian languages, Telugu has been given much respect and regard as even the Karnatic vocals in many languages have the touch of Telugu words and thus it is great on the part of Telangana government to organise the World Telugu Conference by inviting all those who are not Telugus but supported the language to great extent. Surely there would be congregation of great poets , writers and above all deliberations in support of this great language and the government proposal to have new ideas implements are well on the cards. We are eagerly awaiting for this great conference.
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