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    Importance of consuming hot water in our daily usage

    Normally Ayurveda doctors advises to use hot water always. Many of us thinking that the usage of hot water is only for patients and sick. In olden days many people especially old people drink hot water only. They without hesitating ask for hot water wherever they gone. In Kerala in many,even in small, restaurants they offer hot water only without asking, that too mixing with cumin seeds (jeera).

    Now a group of Japanese doctors confirmed out of their research that the warm water is cent percent effective in solving the following health problems:- Migraine, High BP, Low BP,Joint Pains,
    Sudden variation in heartbeat, epilepsy, increasing level of cholesterol, Cough, Bodily discomfort, Asthma, Hooping cough, blockage of veins, Uterus related diseases, Urine related diseases, Stomach disorders, poor appetite, ENT disorders, Headache.
    They gave a schedule of warm water Therapy as below:- Early morning 4 glasses of warm water in empty stomach is advised though it is difficult to make four glasses at the beginning but slowly one can do. One should not eat anything 45 minutes after taking the water. This water therapy will relieve diabetes in 30 days, BP in 30 days, Stomach Problems in 10 days, all types of cancer in 9 months, blockage of veins in 6 months.Poor appetite, uterus, urine related diseases, ENT problems in 10 days,
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    I read about this treatment recently in social media. No doubt hot water is good for drinking. It is a very good practice in Kerala that, small or big, all hotels offer hot water with a little jeera mixed in it. When I visited China what I observed there also many people take hot water with a very small quantity of tea powder in it. They drink like how we drink water. They were told that it was very good for health. In our house, we used to take boiled water after filtering it. But once this water purifiers have come to market we started using this treated water. So we are not taking hot water these days. After seeing this treatment my wife was telling that she will boil the treated water and use for all drinking purposes. I don't know it is required or not. I think it will be good like in Kerala in all other places also if the hotels offer warm water. But mineral water companies may not allow it to happen.
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    I was in SDM Ayurveda Hospital,Udupi,Karnataka State, as assisting my relative for his treatment. In that hospital, they keep stainless steel drums in all places at specific distance filled with hot water. The patients and assistants taking the hot water in flask/jugs into their rooms/Wards. All doctors advised patients to use hot water only. Our doctor told me to use hot water for me also, though not a sick.

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    I think the author means warm water (hot water should not be literally mistaken by some as it can burn their tongues). Drinking Warm water in the morning is a traditional practice that is followed by many elders. I remember my grandparents insisting on this at least thrice a week, grandmother used to add 'sukku(Tamil)' and ginger to warm water in the night, then re-warm it in the morning and make us drink. It used to help us get rid of the cold and laziness in the morning. I'm sure there would have been more benefits. Warm water is also said to improve circulation and aid in better digestion. I have tried warm water with a drop of lemon grass oil and a green tea bag, it's a good refreshing drink ( could be tired by people who feel like vomiting on drinking plenty of warm water).

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