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    The Beauty of Silence

    On a trip some years ago, we took accommodation in a homestay at a hill station. It was a beautiful home, far away from the centre of the main town. Due to its location, it was quiet, with only the sound of birds and once in a while the chatter of locals taking a shortcut path through the nearby land. One afternoon we were sitting in companionable silence on chairs in the balcony. For a couple of minutes, that silence was really very deep. Not a single sound! No bird twitter, no chatter, no rustling of trees, absolutely nothing. We have never experienced that deep a silence, not before, not since that day. It was really a beautiful experience to appreciate.

    I came across this lovely quote today, which incited me to post this thread - "Learn to appreciate silence in a world that never stops talking."

    Have you experienced such total silence that awed you? Did you appreciate it?
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    Yes. Everyday I appreciate the silence in a world that never stop talking. You may ask me when and where? I would say that it is the good bed at my home where I rest during the night. I remain in silence and appreciate that silence in the morning when I wake up peacefully.

    I really enjoyed the silent and calm atmosphere while I was in Minicoy where my lone house was closer to the sea. In the evening hours, I used to sit and watch the sunset silently without any noise. The sea waves used to bang on the shore quite slowly and calmly as it was a lagoon. It was really a heaven on this good earth. Pin drop silence can be experienced in the small islands.

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    I always like a silent atmosphere. I will work better when it is completely silent. This is my habit of my childhood. I can not sit for long when many people go on talking with each other never minding about the interruption created to others with their talk. When all members come and sit in one place and start talking, slowly I will slip into another room and start working. Silence is beautiful and maintaining that is very difficult. Many people can't keep quiet when others are talking. Without hearing what others are saying these people start talking the way they like.
    Once I had been to OOTY, with my family. My office booked me a room in a hotel on the top of the hill in a corner. It was very cold there at that time. We were in our room. The view of the city from the window was very nice. No moment on the road. We have not put on our fan in the room. No sound of the fan also. No sound around. It was an absolute silence. I and my wife sat together near the window observing the silent town from the window. A beautiful experience.

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    Nice thread that speaks about the power of silence, at home we and our kids love nature and have spent most of the holidays at jungle camps in Kabini,Bhadra reservoir,K.Gudi, Coorg etc. It is amazing who once you reach the place, settle down and suddenly realize that there is no noise, only the faint rustling of the trees, a little trickle of water. At night times the silence is more profound. In the jungle camps at night, even a rustle of a small animal is so loud that it's scary in the beginning until you get used to it. Between meals and evening times, it's a pleasure to stroll down the lush vegetation or sit on a flat rock and take in the beauty. Once you forget the stresses of life, slowly you can think about how life has been so far, the mistakes, the success, the failures all flash by, at such places it's easy to forgive and forget past unpleasant instances. Members interested can read this article about our experience at K.Gudi Wilderness camp in Karnataka.
    Memorable days at K Gudi wilderness camp, Karnataka

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    I wake up at at around 5 a.m. I get up and sit silently on the balcony. Slowly, very slowly, the darkness recedes. Mild, weak sunlight arrives with extreme hesitation. I go to the kitchen. Silently prepares a cup of tea. Taking the cup, I again return to my humble balcony without disturbing my wife and my daughter. The chowkidar finishes his last round and goes to sleep. The first batch of morning-walkers hits the road at 6.30 a.m. I enjoy the serenity of early morning silence.
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    Nice thread from the author. In this world of commotion and stress and also much talking between the people, every one wants to have a great break in life and the whole day be silent without any noise or voice. In this regard I wish to share one more saying which I came across recently. It says that " If you can talk sense its better, other wise keeping silence is best. " I think we go through such situation in every day life. In the office when peer group is discussing a strategy, we cannot interfere and make the situation worst with our wrong talk or discussion. So be remaining silent helps many a times.
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    Silence is golden. The very thought of silence makes me happy. To feel it is blissful. There is a saying that ,The soul lives in a silent breath.

    Few months back I happened to visit a hill station and took the decision to stay in a country side. The pristine beauty of the nature was blissfull.Such beauty made me feel like a Heaven on earth. The morning was filled with sounds of the bells and moos of cows. The birds chirping .The rivers too flowed silently.It happened to be a full moon night adding beauty to the silent atmosphere.

    When I returned back from the trip, I hated the hustle and bustle of the city .The maddening crowd made me mad. It took me some time to get used to the surroundings again.
    This peace and silence are short lived. The positive side of silence is appealing whereas the silence in tragic experience makes us sad.

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    There is a place called Silent Valley in Kerala.

    That place is the Gift of the Nature. A botanical wonder. Tropical rain forest.

    I suggest members to visit this place and experience the God's silence!

    (You can reach this place through Kerala Tourism)

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    I like less noise. But I do not like total silence. That is scary. In a meeting when we stand in attention in condolence, observing one minute silence, the pin drop silence even for that much short time also make me uncomfortable. Even when we would like to be alone I need some background noise, may be the sound of a fan, a dog barking at a distance, some background music in less volume etc.

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    It was nice to have members sharing some beautiful experiences of silence.

    With reference to response #619066 - There is one thing about silence in a place which is different from our daily home & workplace. We are so used to some kind of noise while sleeping that we are likely to find it difficult to get sleep in a place devoid of all sound!

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