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    Please don't pay excess amount for mineral water in restaurant

    Today I read a news-item in the newspaper. The Government has stated that if any restaurant charges hefty amount (more than the MRP) in respect of mineral water, the restaurant-oner may land in jail. I generally rarely dine out in a restaurant. But whenever I do so with my family, the price of the mineral water which I pay pinchees me a lot. In most of the cases, I have to pay more than 2.5 times more than the Maximum Retail Priice (MRP).

    The MRP of mineral water is already unreasonably high. Furthermore, the restaurant-owners cheat the diners by asking for more amount. Same thing happens in movie-theatres. So, I welcome the step going to be taken by the Government. I hope that this step is further extended to the movie-theatres also.

    But more importantly, people have to be conscious. We must not pay more than the MRP. So, Members! Please don't pay excess amount for mineral water in restaurants. Lodge a complaint if the restaurant demands more than the MRP.
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    Yes the Restaurants and eateries are charging hefty prices for the water bottle and this applies to even theatres. How come the government weights and Measures department is silent on the issue and why they are not taking any action against the hotels for selling water bottle over and above the MRP rates. In this regard I appreciate the TN government for having their own brand of Thaneer bottle which is sold at flat rate of 10 rupees at all the public places and thus there is no room for established brands to loot in Tamil Nadu. In every state the government must come with their own brand of water to stop scam in water..
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    A welcome post. Many of us are being taken for a ride with water bottles, it was earlier restricted only to big hotels or tourist areas but now every hotel charges and are quite shameless when we question this practice. Earlier at train stations, there would be a range of prices for water bottles, now that's fixed. We should question such overbilling which is just a way to make money. Yes, governments can have their own bottling plant for water but they would also lose revenue from the sales of other brands. There are also reports of how local water is bottled as mineral water belonging to popular brands and sold across the cities.

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    True, many restaurants charge extra for the mineral water. But at the same time if we take hot water from them, then there will be no additional charge. It is not the matter of paying but they charge double the rate. We should be cautious like the author said.
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    This issue is one of exploitation.But the groups and political parties who champion and sensationalise many other irrelevant issues simply look away regrading this matter.

    It is very difficult for an individual to fight against this. He will get isolated and even victimised. May be he will be physically harmed. So when someone goes to a decent restaurant once in a while with his family, he simply swallows all exploitation and silently pays whatever is billed and demanded.
    Not just in restaurants, but even in shops which sell bottled water sell at a premium. When asked they say it is for 'cooling charge'. If we ask for non-cooled they say it is not available. All stock is kept inside cooler.

    There are many executive orders, court directions on this matter. But still violation of those orders and rulings is rampant.
    Only a mass agitation can bring succour to the consumers. Consumer protection is weak and almost non-existent our country. Consumer is at the mercy of powerful and organised manufacturers and/or vendors.

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    I fully agree with Mr. Venkiteswaran. The consumers are not aware of their rights in India. I have seen a man protested against hefty bill for mineral water and soft drinks in a restaurant, and other diners ridiculed him (instead of supporting).
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    The hotels and restaurants can sell the bottled water and other prepacked foods above MRP. The Supreme Court on Tuesday stated that the provisions of Legal Metrology Act will not apply to hotels and restaurants and they cannot be prosecuted for selling products above MRP. This is the latest news on the subject being discussed here.
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    It is a fact that we are billed unceremoniously in restaurants. It is again a fact that we don't question them due to different reasons. Why pay more? It is not that we are not aware. All Indians do not fall into the same category as the foreigners visiting us perceive us to be. We know, but do not question and that is what makes the difference.

    Partha, did you ask about the excess amount? I don't think so. A change could have been made if you had. Speaking out at the right time can, and will, bring in changes.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    @KVRR, I have heard of dual price MRP ( some commercial establishments can charge more for the same product) is it the same what this legal metrology act and SC has said?

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    I do not think so. This observation by the Apex Court is in response to a petition filed by the Hotels and Restaurants Association of India. It turned down the plea of the Government for punishing Hotels and Restaurants under Legal Metrology Act for selling bottled water and other pre packed food items above MRP.
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    In one of my journey to my native place with my family, we have purchased two water bottles. The seller has taken more than MRP. My younger son noticed the MRP and questioned the seller about the excess pricing. The person has seen the rate on the bottle and he paid back the excess money what he has collected. Likewise, we should question at the place when somebody is charging a higher price than MRP. But many people don't do it. They don't even look at the MRP. They will give whatever the vendor asks. But questioning the vendor will definitely improve the situation. The same people who never bothered to question the vendor will bargain while purchasing fruits and vegetables in a market where there are no MRPs printed.
    I have also seen the observation of Apex court in the newspaper as mentioned by KVRR in his post. Probably the government has to make some amendments to its notification on MRPs of bottled water.

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    Mr. Ganesh: In earlier days, when I was young, I used to protest more. Now with the passage of time, I have become very quiet and peace-loving (ISC Members would definitely agree). Moreover, nowadays I rarely go to restaurants or cinema-halls. Whenever I go to dine outside, I go with my wife and my daughter (and sometime with other relatives). So, nowadays I rarely protest because I don't want to create a scene when my family-members are there. But the enhanced rate definitely pinches me a lot.
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    I have questioned the shopkeeper whenever they charge more than the MRP, but their excuse is that it's been sold to them at that price so we have to pay them what they ask.

    I was even thinking of raising a thread to ask, how to address such issues when shopkeepers charge you more than the printed MRP. As consumers what can we do without creating a scene?

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