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    How to controls crimes happen by family members and relative?

    How to controls crimes happen by family and related members? Like if you take the percentage of rape happen in India then the big percent of crime happen by family and related members. Do you think it can be controlled anyway.
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    Revealing too much is a sin. We involuntarily keep on giving our specifications to people in casual conversations only for them to take advantage on us.
    And don't leave the young unattended. Teach the young about some subtle gestures that evil-doers emit.
    Always make sure you have good relations with neighbours and you're in a good neighbourhood.
    Neighbours work as secondary guardians.

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    I think the author means crimes and abuse inflicted on the vulnerable by their own family members and people known to them. Not about how to be safe in general. Is this what the author is expecting to be answered?

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    These days crimes are being conducted by family members on the other members of the family are getting reported. There are in the increasing mode. How to control these crimes? This is what the author wanted to know. This is my understanding.
    This kind of incidents are very inhuman. There is a saying in Telugu which means it is not possible to catch hold of the thief within the house. Even it is not possible to The GOD. Many incidents of property or other cruel wishes are happening. The human beings should understand the difference between an animal and a man. An animal may not have any ethics and it will kill another animal and eat. If human beings are also behaving like that what is the difference. The individual has to realise and change himself. The people in the house should be careful and they should have self-protection technics in hand. Then only they can catch hold of the person and surrender him to police. So it is very important to get trained in self-protection techniques. This will save the persons from the culprits either inside or outside.

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    When abuse, assault, rape or violence is started inflicted by family members and relatives within the family circle it is disgusting because these are the very people who have to protect them. This would be happening in a few homes wherein a relative would physically or sexually abuse a child because these children are easy victims, they may be left at home under their care or children trust them.
    Often teenagers suffer at the hands of relatives who can gain entry, gain confidence and easily overpower them. Some of these individuals would be having undiagnosed psychological and psychiatric issues, may have hidden deviant traits. Disturbed families, families in poverty, families in deprivation always find it difficult to control their animal desires and instincts including greed, lust, and anger which suddenly erupts to a level that is beyond what social inhibitions can restrict and end up committing rape, assault or even killing their own family member for their own abnormal needs.
    Once we know the above, we can find means to control, always be watchful of children and teenagers when they are around with extended family members, keep calling them on the mobile frequently. Family members who have abnormal behavioural issues should be encouraged to seek professional help and children should be encouraged to reports any such behaviour without hesitation or shame.

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    There were many inbuilt checks and firewalls in the families earlier. In the guise of freedom , independence, equality and many other attractive terminology, we all broke them.

    Now the situation is that we are adamant we will not close and lock doors but expect that no trespass or theft should happen. Unfortunately society has not come to a stage of Rama Rajya where no one talks lies, where no theft happens no women is subject to immodesty.
    The basic principle of even insurance is that the policy holder will/should take all care and precautions a prudent man is supposed to do. Only when something unexpected happens beyond all this , the insurance relief is given Warrant ys is invalid when you tamper with the safety seal.

    What happens in our society now is that we have all tampered and removed all the safety seals inbuilt by society and family all these years. And then when the damage happens e clamour for compensation and blame others.

    During childhood days we were all taught not to have too much physical intimacy and proximity even with close relatives. Even brother-sister were also to be like that only.We were taught not to accept toys and toffee from others without consent from parents. If anyone gave us something to eat, we were told to bring it home and only after parents check it we should eat. We were taught not to divulge family matters to any one outside. Parents will not allow us to go with others anywhere unless they are sure or they are also accompanying. Like that many other protection firewalls.Many may laugh on them now.

    We are taming wild animal to follow our instructions by very strict and severe training. But we do not like to be trained. Even protective and safety restrictions are taken as blocking freedom and independence.

    Even for a mobile phone of a few thousands we attach a screen guard, toughened glass etc to prevent strain and damage. But we expose ourselves without taking any protection.We simply ridicule even prudent, time tested precautions and protection measures. What we do not understand or refuse to accept is that the more vulnerable one need the more firewall and precautions.

    Prevention is better than cure. Outside world has everything that induces and attracts crime.
    We need not stay inside fortress(neither in pen also) but should have normal walls and roofs to protect us .

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    Yes it is very disturbing that many crimes in the recent past were happening inside the family and some times in relations. The main reason being lust for other women or money and the difference of opinion gives rise to dual and many a times murder. Even in the rich homes the maids are not spared when they commit even small theft they are eliminated from their house. As far as possible people must restrain and control their anger and get out of the scene if the situation goes bad to worse. Moreover never involve third persons to interfere in our personal affairs and thus lead to commotion.
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    Yes, such crimes to be noted and to be prevented. The major reasons for such crimes are:
    A. lack of unity among family members.
    B. Lack in respecting family members especially elders.
    C. Splitting the family based on interest in privacy.
    D. Lack of induction system to the new comers which makes them to have enimity thoughts in them as they are coming by considering the in laws as enemies to their privacy. Their actions made vengeance in them.
    E. Lack of understanding about a 'family'.
    F.Lack in knowledge of morality
    G.Lack of God fear/faith

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