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    A small suggestion regarding job postings

    'Jobs' sub-section within 'More' section is an extremely important category of ISC. Many students and young people regularly check this sub-section which provides the necessary details of various jobs. Sometime I get astonished how diligently Mr. Ravishankar, Mr. Babu Saroj, Mr. MK, Ms. Vimala, Mr. Pramod (earlier) and some other Members of ISC go on posting various jobs from all over India, and also from abread. The postings give almost all necessary details.

    However a question comes to my mind in this regard. If any interested person wants to have some additional details/information regarding a particular job posted in ISC, he/she does not get any opportunity to seek the clarification from the Member who has posted this job. In view of this difficulty, I suggest introduction of a comment column under each job posting.

    The Webmasters, Managing Editor and Lead Editor of 'Jobs' sub-section may consider this humble suggestion.
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    I think this humble post has missed the notice of the Managing Editor and other Editors. Editors and Members active in '''Job'' sub-section may express their opinion on my humble suggestion.
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    I did see this post earlier but unfortunately, it later slipped my mind completely! I do not think a comments box is required. We submit jobs either from print advertisements or from the official sites. We are conveying information about vacancies and not as such being representatives of the employer. We also do give some kind of contact info, such as the email ID or phone number which the job applicant can use to make further queries. Even if no contact info is given in a particular advertisement, we do provide the employer's website so that the job applicant can check out the company and find their contact info.

    What I feel is that if we have a comments box feature, we will likely get job applicants leaving messages like "Please help me to get this job.", thinking that perhaps the person who posted the job has some kind of inside connection to the employer and can guarantee the job placement.

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