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    Which is the best city among these twin cities?

    We all heard about Hyderabad & Secunderabad of Andhra Pradesh. Many might have visited these cities or passed through the railway stations. Few may not have seen the cities. I have visited Secunderabad, not Hyderabad. Secondarabad is the best, I feel. What is in real?

    Which is the best city amongst these two great cities of AndhraPradesh. Throw some light on these ......bad twin cities.

    Also, I would like to know from our members - Which are the twin cities in India?
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    A common mistake which every body does is separating Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
    Secunderabad is a city in the district of Hyderabad. And I'm pretty sure that Secunderabad is the most developed city in the Telangana. Though called by many as twin cities, Hyderabad is way different from Secunderabad.
    Hyderabad has an ancient history and it preserves it's history with utmost care. Secunderabad is very modern and is known for it's army contonement areas.
    Both are good looking and nice in their own ways.
    But I prefer Secunderabad to any other city in India because it has such ideal conditions. No natural calamity ever visits us. Heat and cold are bearable. A good looking city which is equally self-sufficient.

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    In fact Hyderabad is now tri-city. Whole city of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and now Hi-tech city. But those who are habituated to reside in old city of Hyderabad wont like Secunderabad and we who reside in Secunderabad wont like Hyderabad and those who are in Hitech city, wont like twin cities.
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    Hyderabad and Secunderabad are under Hyderabad Metro only. Hyderabad is the old city. Secunderabad is the recently developed city. Hyderabad is not that well developed. The streets and roads not very spacious. But it is famous for many historical monuments like Golconda Fort, Museum, Charminar and so on so forth. The history of Hyderabad is very old and the city is a pretty old city. Secunderabad is a very recently developed area, with spacious roads and streets. There are very good high sky buildings. Many recently constructed parks, the tallest Budha statue in Tankbund, many parks and gardens are located in this area. The Secunderabad railway station is the biggest station in South Central Railway. Now the latest edition to Secunderabad is Ramoji Film city which is a beautiful place which is a place worth paying a visit. So this is what I know about the pretty good .....bad cities.
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    As far as I have seen, present Hyderabad metro city consists of both Hyderabad old city and Secundrabad. Old city of Hyderabad is no longer self-sustaining. The old city residents depend on Secundrabad for all aspects.
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    Mr.SuN, just my viewpoint, you are comparing two cities, visited only one and chose that that is the best. You should visit both these cities is what I feel before deciding one is better than the other.
    Any reasons why you have mentioned ....bad twin cities?

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    Hyderabad is the walled city and new visitors wont like the congested lanes and small roads and very unplanned structures came up at even small open spaces.
    K Mohan
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    Bad cities !!! What prompted you to jump to that conclusion? I thought Mr.Mohan would object to it.

    If we have to lament the area of Hyderabad, we should not be partial towards the places like Lucknow, Old Delhi and other areas having ancient history and culture.


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