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    Have you discovered your agent of anger yet?

    Can you tell what makes you angry? Agents of anger are all around us. They just need a second to conquer our minds and unleash our preserved wrath.
    While most of us have self-control, some give into the temptations of these agents and end up erupting.
    While there are many things that make us angry, there must be one common stimulant among them. A trigger that causes you to explode.
    Have you discovered it? I have. Dysfunction is what angers me the most. I can even say that nothing else angers me at all. You can "praise" me, my family, my friends and loved ones but I would still be smiling. You can crush my skeleton to bits, you will find me calm and composed yet again.
    But dysfunction. Dysfunction for me is when someone or something doesn't work the way it is supposed to. I can never handle dysfinction with coolness.
    Every faculty of my body shakes and craves to be unleashed and my fists clench in a hope to give an immense punch to a nearby object.
    I am otherwise perfectly self-controlled.
    What is your agent of anger?
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    I hate lies. When I find that someone has lied for a trivial thing,it triggers my anger. I am very patient in dealing with kids. I am very patient at home.
    I have come across many people who come up telling a lie for something or the other.I make them understand that to hide one truth,they have tell many lies. That becomes a habit for the person
    Anger and temperament can be controlled by oneself. Keeping calm in situations that we do not accept or like will help us control our anger.
    I also keep a let go attitude. That is ignoring certain things that can cause tempers to rise. Avoid unnecessary arguments .

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    Generally, I am very calm and quiet. I get rarely anger. I will maintain cool in very difficult positions also. I will smile at many things. But somebody treats the others with a bias I will get upset. Even then I will try to maintain my calmness. But when it goes beyond control I will erupt. Many times with my boss in the earlier Organisation it happened.
    always confident

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    A nice post that makes one reflect on his or her interactions. Most of us try to control ourselves and be well-behaved individuals although inside we would be angered at things happening around us. I tend to be cordial and polite to a great extent even though utter nonsense happens to me. The trigger for me is a hard work straightforward person being pulled down by a bunch of boss pampering hardly working people. I cannot stand this and would either be giving my views clearly to the superiors or move away from such places.

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    Well getting angered is the bad habit to every one. But some times when the things are not working to our expectations and liking, then getting anger is natural. For me if the things are not kept at the right place, gets me anger immediately. I want the things to be kept at the same place where it was and that would enable us to have the items without even searching. I am very particular about this in the home and also at the office. If the things are not kept at the proper place allotted to them, then the work gets hampered and series of other works get postponed or neglected.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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