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    Whose side do you take-Modi or Manmohan Singh? Why?

    Exchange of words between present P.M. Mr.Modi and Ex-P.M. Manmohan Singh is the major news in today's newspapers. Previously Mr.Modi put an allegation on members of Congress party that their party members with the help of Pakistan are planning for a conspiracy against him, his government and country. But later in a reply to Mr.Modi's allegation, Mr. Manmohan Singh replied strongly that all the allegations made by Mr.Modi are to create some sympathy wave in wake of Gujarat elections and such base allegations made by Mr.Modi are beyond the dignity of a PM of a country and also asked for unconditional apologies for such a baseless allegations. Members, what do you think about this issue?
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    "...... such base allegations made by Mr.Modi are beyond the dignity of a PM of a country and also asked for unconditional apologies for such a baseless allegations.''-Let me examine the issue threadbare.

    (a) The meeting was held at the residence of Mani Shankar Aiyar, who is presently not involved in any Track-I or Track-II diplomacy. Initially Congress denied the meeting.
    (b) No BJP leader was present in the meeting. No top level foreign policy expert was present. Some ex-High-commissioners of India in Pakistan were present. More astonishingly, former Gen. Dipak Kapoor was present.
    (c) Mr. Aiyar and Dr. Singh are very well-known because of their extreme soft handling of Pakistan.
    (d) The video of Mani Shankar Aiyar's interview in Pakistan during 2015 is in public domain. Anybody can see the video. Even the Pakistani interviewer was stunned by his comment to overthrow present Government.
    (e) Although many people may have forgotten by now, I still remember Dr. Singh's terrible comment in Sharm-al-sheikh. The Members who have forgotten Dr. Singh's comment can very well search the internet and find how he destroyed India's position.
    (f) Now it has been revealed that Dr. Singh tried to hand over Siachen to Pakistan by silently withdrawing India's troop. If that would happen more than thousand Indian soldiers death would have been futile.
    (g) Former Air Chief F.H. Major has stated in public how Indian Government didn't allow Air Force to strike Pakistan after Mumbai attack.

    In view of above, I can't support Dr. Manmohan Singh on this issue. He is still trying to get Nobel Peace Prize at the cost of the country by brokering so-called peace with Pakistan. He may be a very good economist, but he doesn't know that peace can't be ensured by lowering one's own head. Peace is achieved from the position of strength,

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    Imagine I'm a common man with no political knowledge, I would blame the first person who started this fiasco. It was the ill-timed comment of 'n.....' that has triggered this war of words with each leader trying to make statements against the opposite party. While these are acceptable in politics, the statement that indirectly supports our troublesome neighbor will not be taken lightly by any citizen of the country. Yes, it's a matter of time before we know at least some truth related to these comments. But the problem is how to prove it. The onus is now on PM to prove or disprove and accordingly one can apologize to the other.

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    My personal feeling is that Mr.Modi could have avoided saying such allegations.

    Elections bring out here and there some provocative exchanges and war of words. Mostly such things are uttered by the small and middle rung leaders. The higher leadership watch those uttering and will keep quite as far as it helps the party prospects. But when they find that things may go bad, they immediately do the firefighting and save the situation before the damage gets deep and spread. It is difficult to save the situation if the higher leadership itself speak such things.

    The electorate and people of this country knew what Manmohan Singh and the UPA were doing. That is why they were defeated and Modi was brought to rule. Probably people expect a different behaviour and performance from Modi.

    In that circumstances there was no need for Modi to have said those allegations. Had those allegations brought by some small time leaders, people could have understood and even ignored it.

    I feel that the present allegations made in the election campaign by PM has made people to think differently from what they were hoping and believing till now.

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    I am not going to discuss about the spat between former PM Manmohan Singh and Present PM Modi, but a comparison has been sought by the author and here are my observations. The major first difference between Manmohan Singh and Modi is that, the former has been in the Control of Congress high command and he cannot vent his feelings without approval from high command. Where as Modi is not bound by such commands. He need not take any bodies permission to issue warnings or have a dig at others. While Manmohan Singh is basically a economist and he was forcefully brought into politics by Congress as they lacked the right person for the PM chair then, but for Modi his governance in Gujarat hat brought name and fame and that made the right pitch for him to be the PM of India. And the way Modi has been garnering support of International leaders, which was totally absent with Manmohan Singh.
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    I would demand an authentication for the attempt at (f) in #619043. I also would like Partha to substantiate his views regarding Dr Manmohan's claim for Nobel Prize. He is not one who need to hug or beg.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    I fully support Manmohan Singh for demanding an apology from Prime Minister Modi. The allegations made by Modi are very serious and they are done in an election rally in Gujarat. It is not the place and time for Modi to make such allegations. Coming to Partha's point by point examination of the issue, I will try to reply point by point.
    1. The Congress party never denied it. It is a wrong information given purposefully. Most importantly, it is not a Congress party conducted meeting. It is a private meeting which included many people including some journalists.
    2. The list of all invitees is known and it is not a secret meeting. The Government is fully aware of the meeting. In a private meeting and dinner, there is no need for experts.
    3. Yes, it is correct. This does not mean that they are conspiring against the country. It is a matter of policy which was followed by the previous Government.
    4. Correct. The present Government policy is not for talks with Pakistan. It was not so with the previous Government. On the basis of this video, Modiji cannot accuse Manishankar Aiyar of giving 'supari' to remove him.
    5. Quote the statement and your view on it, so that it can be discussed.
    6. What a misrepresentation of facts. Siachen agreement which fell through is about demilitarizing the Siachen area by both Indian and Pakistani armies where weather conditions are harsh. Be correct with your facts and do not mislead. There were different opinions about that agreement which fell through. It is not handing over of Siachen to Pakistan by Manmohan Singh.
    7. It was the policy of the then Government. Previous Government never wanted to create a warlike situation for India.
    I really feel sorry that some people are thinking that getting a Nobel Prize for Peace is possible by brokering. This is an insult to the Nobel organization and all the previous winners of Nobel Peace Prize.
    I fully support the demand for an apology by Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister of India from the present Prime Minister of India. The accusations made by Modiji in election rally are highly deplorable and this matter should be taken up after elections are over.

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    There was a report yesterday that senior BJP leader quoting that the allegations about Mr.Aiyar's dinner party discussions are wrong and he was also invited but could not attend. The plot for BJP is getting more muddled now.

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    In a TV discussion on NDTV, one of the Journalists present at the meeting said that some BJP loyalists were also present at the meeting. I did not mention it as the journalist did not mention their names. Satyamava Jayate.
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    1. Dr. Manmohan Singh's blunder at Sharm-el-sheikh:

    2. Dr. Manohan Singh's plan for withdrawal of Indian troops from Siachen:

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    Partha, do not give links to other websites which are convenient for you. Express your opinion with a short summary of what is there in the link.
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    These (the links) are news-items appeared in India Today (which is very famous and known for its anti-BJP stand) at that time. I don't like/support the statement of Dr. Singh at Sharm-el-sheikh and his intended steps at Siachen.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The editors asked you not to provide external links. Explain what is there and your opinion on that. There should be a basis for your not liking the statements and steps taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh. A bland denial is not sufficient in a public forum.
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    The issue is unnecessarily has been given wide publicity because of the remarks made by the PM. As a common man who doesn't have any interest in politics or a say in politics, I have to say that the issue might not have been discussed in the election campaign. As a PM of the country, if he feels there is something fishy in the meeting held at Mani Shankar Iyar's house, he might have asked for a secret inquiry by a competent authority and after confirming the secret agenda and after confirming that what went there was not good for the country, he might have revealed the points to the public. But he has done it in a little haste I think. But he uttered these remarks in a poll campaign the other person revolted severely. The total country has seen the performance of Dr Singh as PM and they are witnessing the performance of resent PM. So no education is required on this subject. The public knows very well. But sometimes this kind of incidence will happen and go a long way. Let us wait and see what is going to happen further.
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    PM Modi – Communal forces + Development = Excellent

    PM Modi + Communal forces = Dangerous

    Dr Manmohan Singh – Corrupt Congress MPs = Good

    Dr Manmohan Singh + Corrupt Congress MPs = Disaster

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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