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    How do you feel without a watch on your hand?

    Usually most of the people whether poor or rich wear a watch on their hand to keep track of time for their various activities. By some reason if they don't wear watch they find there is a lot of confusion in carrying out their activities and duties. But some people even they are rich they never interested to wear watch and without it they appear to be very cool and they never feel sorry for not wearing the watch. In my case whenever by mistake I don't wear watch whenever I see my hand without it I feel very much the importance of it. But what about you? Are you punctually wear the watch or you manage without it? What are your feelings about this observation?
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    Nothing, absolutely nothing. Since my childhood I don't use wrist-watch. I can easily be punctual without watch. Moreover, now the presence of mobile phone has further minimized the necessity of wrist-watch.
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    When we wear a watch, we are carrying time with us. We manage our routine and schedule well, and are aware of the time.
    For me it is important to wear a watch as I work in a place where, every 40 minutes I need to be elsewhere, I need to complete my work in a limited time.without wearing a wrist watch it is impossible for me to go on.
    The day I forget to wear a watch I have to keep looking at the mobile for the time.
    In some places, mobiles are not allowed, but watches are.
    Some people wear them to flaunt it or for a swag ,some wear it as a necessity.

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    Wrist watch was once a symbol of rich in the society. Because in olden days the time was not depending on watch. It was based on the Sun's movements. The food intake was also scheduled accordingly. Once the day light starts spreading, people get up and do all cleaning works. Then starts preparing food. Once it is completed, intake of the same would be done. Next step would be going to workplace. When the Sun is vertically above the head takes a break and go for lunch. After that again work. Sometimes a small break might be taken to drink water or something. Continue work for a little more time. Again looking at the Sun stops the work. Thus Sun was doing the duty of a watch.

    Watches came to be an instrument for knowing time only very late. Hence even before it, man was following time based on nature's changes. Even now for most of the daily uses watch is not a must. Only for certain specific purposes watch will be needed.
    Now after retirement I am not using watch.
    When in duty, being a teacher, I had to stick to time schedule of classes and practical. Also I had to reach my college in time as scheduled.

    So one can manage with or without watch depending on the type of engagement in which one is involved.

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    For last many years I am not wearing a watch regularly. I am keeping punctuality even so.
    Of course the mobile phone comes to help if I need to see watch.

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    Since I have started using the cell phone, and often keep on watching it for messages and other needs, I never felt the requirement of watch. Though I have many number of watches, I wont wear and I stopped to wear them. And in most of the public places and also in big junctions the timers has been kept and that makes us to know the right time every time. So having a watch has been a second option to many. And I have also seen some people wearing the watches just like that and the watch is not functioning. I feel the importance of watches has been reduced with arrival of cell phones.
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    Prior to the arrival of pagers and cellphones a watch was an integral part of many of our lives. I remember taking parents watches for exams during 12th standard only for the invigilator to take it from me before entering the room. Watches give a sense of time to all, to some it makes a statement about their grooming standards and likes. Having a watch becomes a statement of fashion or authority or wealth. A few decades ago, we used to admire a RADO watch, when someone got a gift or made a new purchase among our circles. Now, I wear a watch to work as I'm comfortable and do need to look at my mobile often. It's nothing expensive but a simple one. There are some who have worn a watch for many years and have a band of untanned skin around the wrist that looks odd if they forget their watches.

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    Yes. For me watch is a must on my hand. Generally, I will not go out without my watch in my hand. Whether it is required or not it has become a habit for me. This habit came to me from my father. These days many people are not using wrist watches. It is because everybody has a cell phone with them and whatever purpose watch is serving the same is being served by this cell phone. So the importance of watch is lost these days. Many young people don't wear the wrist watches. But old-timers prefer wearing a watch.
    In good olden days wearing a watch is a symbol of status. If you wear a very costly watch with the gold chain you are a very rich man. If you wear an ordinary watch with a leather belt you are not a rich man. I generally look at my watch only for time but not a cell. In my previous Organisation as it is not safe to wear a watch in the processing area no one used to be allowed into the processing area with a wristwatch. So I practised removing my watch after going to the office and again wear it when you start back home.

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    Nowadays, many of us forget using watch in hands as the usage of mobile phone have come widely. I also like that though I have two watches many times I forget to tie the same in hand but keep in the house by taking mobile in hand.
    Recently by three o clock in the evening I move out from my office and came to a nearby bus stop. A drunkard young man asked me what the time was. I by calculating my starting time told him three hours and minutes. But my hand took mobile to confirm but the mobile fail to open immediately as it is a touch fone. The drunkard told me,"you have no watch, mobile also not working but saying time three five. How, are you a drunkard?'

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    I need a wrist watch without which I feel myself lost. At home I remain with bare hands. But the moment I get ready to go out, my hands search for my wrist watch. Without a wrist watch I feel awkward and naked. The first watch I bought in my life was HMT Sona for Rs. 75/-. I presented it to my cousin after holding it for six months. Then I bought HMT Kohinoor. It got stolen from the bank while I was bathing in a river. Again I bought HMT Sona for Rs. 750/-. I presented to my son. He presented it to his friend. Now I have a Citizen watch( Rs. 6000/-) presented by the son of my cousin to whom I presented my HMT Sona. Yet I want to buy a HMT Sona and tie on my wrist. But the brand is not available in the market.

    A wrist watch has become a must in my life. I watch it for time and maintain it carefully. It is one of my close companion that I cannot part.

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    I really get annoyed when I forget to take my watch. Even though mobile phones are with us, I some how find watch more convenient. I wear it every day to work and whenever I go out.
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