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    You are looking at yourself but the other one thought you are clicking. Misconception?

    I was waiting for my daughter at the bus stand and noticed a boy busy with his cell phone. He was quite busy without disturbing anyone. And there was a girl standing nearby. She thought that the boy was taking her photograph. Actually, he opened the front camera of his phone and was looking his face in detail. But the camera angle was straight and that gave enough reasons for the girl to misunderstand that she is being clicked and she warned him. The boy was shocked at her behavior and the warning as everyone knew that the boy was right. Any comment ?
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    This happens many times. Many cell phones are coming these with two cameras. Because of this, we will misunderstand the activity of the other person. Some people act as if they are doing something on their phone but they will be taking the photograph or video of the person sitting opposite to him. By the time the other person watches this and questions the person will change the mode and tell all that he has not done any mistake. This type of incidents I have noticed. Sometimes the other person may misunderstand. Sometimes this person will be doing a mischief. These incidents are very common these days.
    These days the cell phone is an ornament in everybody's hand. How they are using and what for they are using nobody will understand. We can spend more time on these cell phones. So when you are so seriously working on a phone there is every chance for a misunderstanding.

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    I think, here the boy was the victim of circumstances. It's like drinking milk under a toddy tree, open for misconception. I would not blame the girl for confronting because it is difficult to judge what's happening and people like you around can help to clear the misunderstanding by verifying the mobile. Often instinct (of the girl) in such situations prove to be correct.
    Mobile phones especially the smart phones are open to be misused depending on the person's mind and thought. Some of them willfully recorded images inappropriately for misuse or a crooked intent in mind. They then circulate the images or videos in social sites defaming the innocent subject. The public should be watchful of people around them as today's phones are so good that quality images can be recorded easily from a little distance without the knowledge of the subject.

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