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    Do you want your life to be smooth and peaceful or with twist and turns ?

    There is no iota of doubt that many people would like to lead peaceful and smooth life and they does want to encounter with any hick ups , challenges and problems. On the other hand there are people who have plenty of leisure time in their daily routines and thus want the life to be with lots of twist and turns and in fact they pave the way for such happenings. What kind of person you are ? Do you want the life to be normal and going, or wants some strange and astonishing things be happening and to confront the same ?
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    No person wants unnecessary twists and turns in his life. They like to have a peaceful and happy life. Nobody wants to get into troubles as there is no work for them. If there is no work go for the care of plants or go for cleaning the house or go for a movie, Something like this they will plan and they continue to be happy.
    There are some people who try to create problems to the others by twists and turns and enjoy the fun.This attitude is very disturbing and unwanted. I have experienced some such people in my career. If somebody is sailing smoothly on the job and getting appreciation from the higher-ups, some nonperformers in the office try to do some damage to him so that he will be in trouble. But these activities make them weak rather than weakening the performer. By the time this lesson is known to them they might have made somebody to suffer. there is a saying in Telugu, which says Don't try to spoil others if so you yourselves will get spoiled.

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    Life is not a smooth journey. During its flow one encounters tough times, easy times; smooth times, curvy times; up times, down times and like that. The vicissitudes of life are characterized in that fashion only.
    It is not entirely in the hands of an individual to have a smooth life or life of own choice. There is an element of uncertainty defined by the destiny factor which is mysterious and unknown. So life will not be exactly the way we want it and rather it will deviate significantly in one or other direction.

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    By and large people want to lead lives that are simple and relatively peaceful apart from few ups and downs that we cannot avoid. Many, like me hope and pray that illness and major trouble doesn't come their way. We all live in a society with responsibilities and duties to be carried for the family and our dependents, most of us don't have a big disposable income and time to plan or hope for such things, so I think many would be happy to have a peaceful life and won't go out of the way to disturb the life of others. There are a few exceptions, where people have time and money with an attitude that a peaceful life is boring, they go looking for adventure, high risk sports and hobbies to enjoy the adrenaline rush. There are a few adverts that you might have seen in papers or magazines. Live life the fullest, is there any truth for in this for the middle class who always have to dream with two feet firmly planted on the ground.

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    Life is with ups and downs. A smooth and problem free life can be in a story or in a cinema. In life we cannot expect one like that. More over, what will be the condition if every day is continuing with out any change. It is the differences whether one likes it or not that makes life interesting. A trouble free life will not have any thrill.
    Actually each one of us go forward only because of the ups and downs in our life. Otherwise it will be just like living in a house with the routine activities. Even talking with others become interesting when there are points of disagreement. Otherwise the subject of conversation will end soon. Like this there must be changes, which may be ups and downs in life. That only will help improve ones personality. When one problem is solved one's strength and capability are getting improved. In short the rough nature of the life makes ones personality more attractive.

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    According to me twists and turns are good in stories and movies. But when it comes to my life I would definitely want to have a smooth and peaceful one.
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    We would always want the life to run smooth. But that is practically not the case, we need to see the twists and turns to take experiences from life, to take good learning from it.
    The twists and turns could make our journey unrealistic. It could help us to become a successful person. The twists and turns will help us to meet different people, learn various things from them. We develop our personality more when we face those twists and turns. I would say, twists and turns are needed to bring change to our lives, to increase our versatility.

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